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Why is the Sun Still Shining on Canada’s Atlantic Coast?

June 25, 2009

Marie Christine-Bernard Marie-Christine Bernard
Associate Director
Provincial Economic Trends

While the global recession has severely shaken many provinces -- the booming good times have come to an end precipitously for Alberta and British Columbia alongside the free fall in commodity prices – the sun is still shining on Atlantic Canada. In ...

Let U.S. Sinners Pay for the Debt

June 15, 2009

Pedro Antunes

Pedro Antunes
Forecasting and Analysis

Millions of Americans use illegal drugs, visit prostitutes and gamble online every year. With U.S. deficits expected to hit the $1.7 trillion mark over the near term, some observers think that governments must consider radical solutions to pare down these gigantic deficits and ...

Breaking Myths About the Economic Contribution of Rural Communities

June 09, 2009

Centre for Municipal Studies

How many of you think that rural communities are trapped in a downward spiral both population-wise and on the economic front? For all of you raising your hands, I must confess that I understand your position since I was thinking the ...

Green Intentions and Unintended Consequences

June 04, 2009

Valerie Poulin
Industrial Outlook, Trade and Investment

A recent episode in the U.S. teaches us an important lesson on policy making. An alternative fuel tax credit expected to cost only a few million dollars a year snowballed into a potential $6 billion subsidy for the pulp and paper ...

Gen-Yers Learning Life’s Lessons

June 01, 2009

Pedro Antunes

Pedro Antunes
Forecasting and Analysis

Up until last year, following 7 years of strong job gains and declining unemployment, young workers were feeling pretty good about themselves and their future prospects. They seemed a demanding lot, not willing to take criticism, ready to change jobs in an instant ...

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