Using the Science Behind Trust to Build Business

The Conference Board of Canada, June 14, 2017 at 11:00 AM EDT
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Everyone knows that client trust is good for business. Not so widely know is how to earn and maintain that trusting relationship. Some organizations try to build relationships of trust through promotions or special client-focused events. Such activities might boost short-term sales goals and client satisfaction, but they fail to have any lasting effect on client commitment, loyalty or retention.

Research has shown that trust is a predictor of future success. Five years ago, as a communications graduate student, Natalie Doyle Oldfield began studying and measuring how clients and stakeholders decide to trust organizations. This research included in-depth interviews, testing and surveying over 19,400 clients. The results revealed that we trust organizations based on how they communicate, behave and how they serve clients and stakeholders.

From this research, eight key principles emerged that help to build, strengthen, and protect trust. Testing revealed that when the principles are applied, results include greater client loyalty and commitment, an increase in the number of referrals and increased sales predictability and improved business results.

Join Natalie Doyle Oldfield for a 60-minute webinar in which she will share insights from her research and provide practical ways that managers and organizations can build a culture of trust, increase client loyalty, and realize improved business results.

Webinar Highlights

In this session Natalie will discuss:

  • How clients decide to trust
  • The eight questions clients are asking about you and your organization
  • Understanding the trust levers that motivate clients
  • How to apply the Eight Principles of Building Trust to drive client loyalty, commitment and revenue
  • How organizations can create value for their clients

About Natalie

Natalie Doyle Oldfield is a trust authority and keynote speaker who works with companies to increase profits and customer loyalty. A former Chief Marketing Officer, she is the author of Building Trust With your Customers; creator of The Client Trust Index™ - a diagnostic tool that offers insights for executives to make evidence - based decisions on client strategies and; instructor of the Becoming a Trusted Advisor Program. Natalie was named 2017 Trust Across America Top Thought Leader in Trust.

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