Benchmarking Talent Management Practices in Canadian Organizations: Webinar on HR Trends and Metrics

The Conference Board of Canada, February 27, 2017
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Over the past ten years, The Conference Board of Canada has conducted four rounds of the HR Trends and Metrics Surveys with Canadian organizations. This year's report provides up-to-date metrics on a wide range of current HR practices, and looks back at some long-term trends we have observed in HR priorities and human capital challenges over the past decade.

Webinar Highlights

The 2016 survey gathered information from 150 organizations, providing a rich data set from which we can draw a number of insights about talent management practices in Canada. HR professionals in Canada’s top organizations have come to rely on Conference Board data as a dependable source of external information to provide a reasonability check of their internal practices, and support business and strategic planning.

During this 60- minute session, you will:

  • Hear the latest results from this important study for the first time.
  • Gain insight into current Canadian talent management practices, the human capital challenges that are driving change, and the current efforts by employers to integrate evidence-based HR practices into their service offering.
  • Have the opportunity to directly ask the report authors your toughest questions.

About Shannon

Photo of Shannon JacksonShannon Jackson is the Associate Director of the Conference Board's HR Transformation Team. For more than 20 years, Shannon has helped organizations build better practices related to talent management, transitioning the workforce, and HR effectiveness.

About Jane

Photo of Jane CooperJane Cooper is a research associate at the Conference Board of Canada. Jane has expertise as a policy analyst specializing in human resource development issues in Canada and internationally, and is a Credentialed Evaluator (Canadian Evaluation Society). She has twenty-five years’ experience in research and management on a variety of learning and development initiatives. Jane holds an M.Sc. in Human Resource Management and Development from the University of Manchester.

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