The Importance of Partnerships: The Michael Smith Foundation Story

The Conference Board of Canada, July 19, 2011
Recorded Webinar
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Dr. John Challis, President and CEO of the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research focuses on the importance of partnerships between academia, government and industry in boosting health innovations and transforming health issues into problems that can be addressed.

Webinar Highlights

The Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research is attempting to bring together academia and health authorities in order to build a networked platform to drive a strong investment environment. Funding is used in a variety of sectors and areas, including population health, genetics, and cancer research. The Foundation focuses on current opportunities but believes that the economic crisis should force us to do more. A demonstrated return on investment and impact on the health research environment are critical. Looking forward, the future goals of the Foundation will be to focus on the relationship with government, creating plans to develop opportunities in the face of the economic recovery, creating jobs, and helping to work toward cures. Transcending these goals and through partnerships and collaboration with other stakeholders, the Foundation aims to keep these important research activities within BC and Canada.

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