Making It Meaningful: Recognizing and Rewarding Employees in Canadian Organizations

The Conference Board of Canada, 46 pages, April 7, 2011
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Does your organization’s total rewards strategy include recognition? This report looks at current practices and discusses how a rewards and recognition program adds value to an organization.

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Recognition is a key component of the total rewards strategy. It is also a way in which organizations can influence the major drivers of employee engagement. Making It Meaningful: Recognizing and Rewarding Employees in Canadian Organizations looks at current practice in rewards and recognition and discusses the value that a well-thought-out rewards and recognition program can bring to an organization. It presents the findings from The Conference Board of Canada’s 2010 survey on rewards and recognition, completed by 166 medium and large-sized organizations across Canada.

The report serves as tool for organizations to benchmark against, features best practices in this area, and provides insights into how organizations can improve upon their reward and recognition programs. It also recommends, when establishing a new program or changing an existing one, that organizations should take the time to collect information on employee preferences and carefully consider the objectives of the program.

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