Is Just-In-Case Replacing Just-In-Time? How Cross-Border Trading Behaviour Has Changed Since 9/11

The Conference Board of Canada, 9 pages, June 14, 2007
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This briefing examines how the post-9/11 border security environment has changed the way Canadian companies trade with the U.S.

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This briefing provides interview evidence that many Canadian exporters appear to have changed the way they go about trading as a result of the post-9/11 border environment. Many have shifted away from previously preferred and more efficient practices, in some cases slipping into behaviours not seen since before the Canada–U.S. free trade agreement. These responses may indicate an erosion of the greater U.S. market access gained under that agreement. In a highly competitive international environment—and with a high Canadian dollar—any erosion of Canada’s access to the U.S. market can make it less attractive for companies to buy Canadian inputs or locate production in Canada, ultimately diminishing Canadian living standards.

This report was produced by the Conference Board’s International Trade and Investment Centre that examines the implications of global economic dynamics for Canadian business and governments leaders. More on the Centre’s research, events, and membership

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