Economic Trends 

Index of Consumer Confidence
The Index rose 4.9 points in July to 104.6.

Canadian Outlook
The Canadian economy is expected to grow by an underwhelming 1.4 per cent in 2016.

Weak Firms Are Holding Back Canada’s Overall Productivity
It’s time for a new plan, informed by improved performance by individual firms.

Organizational Performance 

Organizations Struggle To Engage Employees
Scores have remained stagnant since 2010, and in many cases are declining.

Canadian Higher Education in the Asian Century
Demand for higher education in Asia is both an opportunity and a threat to Canada.

After Brexit
Early thoughts on how Canada’s higher education sector might best react to Brexit.

Public Policy 

Losing Sleep over Youth Inactivity
Too tired to get enough physical activity during the day, not active enough to be tired at night.

Roadmap for Action Needed for Climate Change
Major lifestyle changes are needed for policies to combat climate change to work.

Old Treatments Don’t Heal Wounds
Health care industry needs a strategic rethink of its operating and funding model.


Photo of Glen Hodgson speaking

Glen Hodgson joins BNN to explain why and how weak firms are holding back Canada's productivity.


Photo of a Matthew Stewart speaking

Matthew Stewart discusses our latest Canadian Outlook on BNN.


Photo of Glen Hodgson

Ruth Wright discusses how organizational leadership impacts employee engagement.

Special Projects

How Canada Performs
A Report Card on Canada—Assesses Canada’s quality of life compared to that of its peer countries.

Centre for Skills and Post-Secondary Education
The centre is a multi-year initiative to address the advanced skills and education challenges facing Canada today.

Centre for Business Innovation
This Centre is a five-year initiative to help bring about major improvements in firm-level business innovation in Canada.

Canadian Alliance for Sustainable Health Care
This Centre will provide insightful, forward-looking, quantitative analysis of the sustainability of the health-care system.

Centre for Food in Canada
Food impacts Canadians in an extraordinary range of ways. It affects our lives, our health, our jobs, and our economy.

Centre on Tax Analysis, Fiscal Incentives, and Competitiveness
This Centre provides credible, leading-edge quantitative research on all aspects of the Canadian system of taxation and fiscal incentives.

L’Institut du Québec
Est le fruit d’un partenariat entre le Conference Board du Canada et HEC Montréal visant à fournir au Québec des solutions novatrices.

Canadian Transition Energy Initiative
Engaging major stakeholders to improve our energy system and create an actionable transition energy road map for Canada.

Accessible Employment Practices
This website contains resources to help your organization meet the Employment Standards under the AODA.

Centre for the North
This Centre is part of the Northern and Aboriginal policy group that provides insights and research into Northern and Aboriginal challenges and issues.

Saskatchewan Institute
This Institute is a multi-year initiative that will focus exclusively on issues relevant to Saskatchewan.

Global Commerce Centre
The Centre helps leaders respond effectively to the rapidly changing global business operating environment.

National Immigration Centre
The Centre is a multi-year initiative to develop a national immigration action plan to help improve Canada’s immigration system.

Leadership Development

The Directors College
Canada’s gold standard in board director education, leading to a McMaster University designation.

The Niagara Institute
High-impact leadership development solutions for individuals, teams, and organizations.

Professional Development Institute

Premier education destination delivering first class learning opportunities such as courses and workshops for business and government professionals to develop new skills, improve their job performance, and advance their careers.

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