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Workplace Mental Health 2016

Monday June 13 - Tuesday June 14 2016 InterContinental Toronto Centre Toronto, ON

Conference Overview

With costs like these it’s no wonder workplace mental health has become a top priority for organizations across Canada

Mental health issues are among the most common causes of absences in the workplace. According to the Mental Health Commission of Canada, mental illness accounts for about 30 per cent of all short-term and long-term disability claims in Canada and it is has been estimated that the value of these claims ranges from $15 to $33 billion annually.

Similarly, a 2012 Conference Board of Canada report estimated that mental illness costs Canada $20 billion annually due to lost labour force participation and due to absenteeism and presenteeism.

Statistics such as these form the basis for the financial business case for companies to invest in the mental health of their employees. For anyone prepared to take the time to examine the data, that case is compelling.

Learn from the Conference Board of Canada’s latest wellness research.

Be among the first to hear about the Board’s latest research on workplace wellness.

This year's event will feature the 2nd of four reports in the Board’s Healthy Brains Series. This report Healthy Brains at Work: Employer-Sponsored Mental Health Benefits and Programs, sets out to discover the prevalence of employer-sponsored benefits and programs that address mental health conditions in Canada. While the research is not yet complete it will feature:

  • a comparative study of mental health offerings based on a survey of 239 Canadian employers
  • identification of differences based on industry
  • exploration of how Canadian organizations are addressing mental health, including guidelines and standards used by employers to implement and measure effectiveness of its mental health strategy
  • discussion of the challenges and barriers employers have encountered or are currently facing when implementing a mental health strategy or policy

You’ve made the business case, and you’ve taken action to help those with depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions—but why stop there?

It is essential that employers step up and provide resources for those suffering from mental health conditions. But why focus only on those who are ill? Why limit your impact to the reduction of costs and absenteeism. Why not turn your mental health initiatives into efforts to optimize the mental well being of all your employees? What would the results be then?

Applying an evidence-based approach to optimizing the mental well being of your workforce—and reaping the benefits

You’ve already made the business case for a mental health initiative and you’re beginning to see concrete results in reduced costs. Now you want to optimize the mental well being of all employees. You know this can be done and will increase performance but can you really make the argument for these positive interventions? And who’s to say what is effective and what isn’t—there are so many vendors and “experts” offering a wide range of solutions. Which ones really work?

The key is to take an evidence-based approach. And this conference will feature of range of options available that can make a real difference to the mental wellbeing of your workforce. And research is available that will show that these interventions lead to better performance and measurable financial results.

Participate in one of Canada’s leading events on mental health in the workplace

Each year delegates hear from wellness leaders about what’s working best in their organizations. Like you, these leaders recognize that workplace wellness is not just an important tool to reduce costs and improve performance, but also a key differentiator in the competition for top talent.

We’ll feature organizations that have invested in workplace wellness and seen the results in reduced absenteeism and greater employee engagement. You’ll learn from their experiences how you too can create a wellness program that has a positive impact on performance, while it helps employees become healthier and happier.

What’s so funny about peace, love and understanding?

Having put in place robust programs to address mental health issues and tackled the pervasive and persistent challenge of stigma, it’s time to focus on issues that some still dismiss as “soft”.

Take mindfulness as an example—what is “soft” about a practice that has existed for thousands of years and that recent research demonstrates has a measurable impact on well being and performance? What is “soft” about a practice that helps you focus in an environment characterised by distraction and constant connection? What is soft about a practice that helps develop compassion in a workplace defined by diversity?

The same could be said about the growth of interest in happiness as work, or gratitude. And we will explore these issues not as some nice to have aspects of the workplace but as characteristics that have a demonstrated positive impact on performance.

Meet the thought leaders and innovators, and hear how they’re succeeding with their workplace mental health initiatives.

Building on success.

The Conference Board is Canada’s most respected independent research and conference development organization. Its events attract respected experts and innovators, and provide an insightful and enlightening learning experience for all conference participants.

The details of this event are subject to change. Please revisit this page periodically for updated information.

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