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Workplace Wellness and Mental Health

2016 Event

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2015 Event

As the workforce ages and the skilled talent shortage persists, corporate health and wellness programs become increasingly important. A successful health and wellness program can be a key differentiator in the competition for talent, while helping employees become healthier and happier. The business case might be the first step in establishing a wellness initiative, but the issue is much bigger than that. Wellness is part of a broader focus on corporate culture and performance.

Workplace Wellness and Mental Health 2015 featured organizations that have invested in workplace wellness and seen the results in reduced absenteeism and greater employee engagement. Thought leaders and innovators detailed how they’re succeeding with their workplace wellness and mental health initiatives, and delegates learned from their experiences how to create a wellness program that has a positive impact on performance, while helping employees become healthier and happier.

Featured Speakers from the 2015 event

Photo of John Brewer

John Brewer
Executive Program Developer
The Conference Board of Canada

Photo of Louis Thériault

Louis Thériault
Vice-President, Public Policy
The Conference Board of Canada

Photo of Marie-Hélène Pelletier

Marie-Hélène Pelletier
Director, Workplace Mental Health
Sun Life Financial

Photo of Karla Thorpe

Karla Thorpe
Director, Prevention and Promotion Initiatives
Mental Health Commission of Canada

Photo of Michael Apollo

Michael Apollo
Acting Director, Applied Mindfulness Certificate Program
University of Toronto

Photo of Jennifer Elia

Jennifer Elia
Assistant Vice-President, Health and Wellness, Group Benefits
Sun Life Financial

Photo of Christine Devine

Christine Devine
Wellness Specialist
Toronto East General Hospital

Photo of Wolf Klassen

Wolf Klassen
Vice-President, Program Support,
Toronto East General Hospital

Photo of Elisabeth Saxton

Elisabeth Saxton
Senior Clinical Practice Manager and Clinical Psychologist,

Photo of Jennifer Dimoff

Jennifer Dimoff
PhD Candidate, I-O Psychology
Saint Mary’s University

Photo of James Hamblin

James Hamblin
Senior Editor
The Atlantic

Photo of Darren Harris

Darren Harris
Vice-President, Sales and Account Management
Homewood Health

Photo of Janet Yale

Janet Yale
President and Chief Executive Officer
The Arthritis Society

Photo of Orlando Da Silva

Orlando Da Silva
President and Chief Executive Officer
Ontario Bar Association

Photo of Steven Grover

Steven Grover
McGill University

Photo of Tom Blake

Tom Blake
Chief Executive Officer
Sprout at Work

Photo of Geneviève Fortier

Geneviève Fortier
Senior Vice-President, Human Resources and Public Affairs
McKesson Canada

Photo of Heather Baker

Heather Baker
Certified Occupational Health Nurse
Bruce Power Inc.

Photo of Joseph Chan

Joseph Chan
Director, Benefits and HRIS
Walmart Canada Corp.

Photo of Lynn Stoudt

Lynn Stoudt
Vice-President, Leadership and Human Resources Research
The Conference Board of Canada

Photo of Peter McBride

Peter McBride
Chief Executive, Northern Ireland Association for Mental Health

Workplace Wellness 2015 agenda cover


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“Very informative, offered thought provoking issues, provided resources & networking”

“Overall well done! Nice mix of speakers and topics”

“I appreciated the 30 sec pause break after each speaker – great way to refocus & make note of key take aways”

“I appreciated the range of topics from current research, practical application and extremely powerful personal stories”

“Overall a fantastic conference!!!”

“Overall a very good quality conference with a lot of good information that is applicable to my workplace”

“You provide amazing speakers & topics that are extremely valuable & current to workplace issues”

“Was a great conference, one of the best I have been to in a while. Some great new information, but also really good new reminders.”

“Excellent conference – outside my normal sphere so great learning for me. Useful take-aways.”

“Wonderful conference – thank you!!”

“Plenty to take away & feel motivated to change our workplace”

“Great conference. Interesting topics & speakers”

“Great variety of topics. Much appreciated!”

“Great conference – enjoyed all speakers. 2nd time attending conference! Will come again.”

“Well organized, timing, food was fantastic – spot on! The speakers made a change in my life – at 40! Thank you; sincerely!”

“I really enjoyed this conference! We were well-treated and the information for the most part was very pertinent and well presented. Would definitely attend again.”


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