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Saskatchewan Forum

2016 Event

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2015 Event

Saskatchewan’s leaders are being tested. New challenges in cities and rural areas—including resource prices, global demand, demographics, and infrastructure shortfalls—confront leaders in business, government, academia, and community-based organizations. These challenges are testing their resources and capacity. Yet Saskatchewan has and continues to be a leader in its economic, social, and institutional strength. What makes Saskatchewan a leadership champion and how can lessons replicate across the continuum of society and economy to maintain its position in the years to come?

The Saskatchewan Forum 2015 explored Saskatchewan’s leadership role in the world, in Canada, and within its own borders. This premium event featured an outstanding lineup of Canadian, international and Aboriginal thought leaders, decision-makers and influencers to develop a deeper understanding of the issues affecting the future of Saskatchewan, and to find the solutions to move forward—proactively, effectively, and with vision.

Featured Speakers From the 2015 Event

Photo of Roger Francis

Roger Francis
Director, Saskatchewan Institute
The Conference Board of Canada

Photo of Anne Neufeld

Dr. Anne Neufeld
Provost and Vice-President, Academic
Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Photo of Diane Francis

Diane Francis
Editor at Large
Financial Post

Photo of Lang McGilp

Lang McGilp
Senior Research Executive
Insightrix Research Inc.

Photo of Peter Phillips

Peter W. B. Phillips
Distinguished Professor, Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy
University of Saskatchewan

Photo of Kent Smith-Windsor

Kent J. Smith-Windsor
Executive Director
Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce

Photo of Bill Waiser

Bill Waiser
Distinguished Professor Emeritus
University of Saskatchewan

Photo of Rostyk Hursky

Rostyk Hursky
Manager, Business Intelligence
Saskatchewan Research Council

Photo of Craig Fleisher

Dr. Craig S. Fleisher
Chief Learning Officer, Director of Professional Development
Aurora WDC

Photo of John Hopkins

John Hopkins
Chief Executive Officer
Regina & District Chamber of Commerce

Photo of Kristin Enns-Kavanagh

Kristin Enns-Kavanagh
Community Consultant
Prairie Wild Consulting

Photo of Ryan Meili

Dr. Ryan Meili

Photo of Joe Muldoon

Joe Muldoon
Vice-President, Environment
Saskatchewan Research Council

Photo of Lenore Swystun

Lenore Swystun
Prairie Wild Consulting Co.

Photo of Alex Fallon

Alex L. Fallon
President and Chief Executive Officer
Saskatoon Regional Ecomomic Development Authority (SREDA)

Photo of Alan Arcand

Alan Arcand
Associate Director, Centre for Municipal Studies
The Conference Board of Canada

Photo of Ken Coates

Dr. Ken S. Coates
Canada Research Chair in Regional Innovation
University of Saskatchewan

Photo of Geoff Gay

Geoff Gay
Chief Executive Officer
Athabasca Basin Development Limited

Photo of Steve McLellan

Steve McLellan
Chief Executive Officer
Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce

Photo of Engin Özberk

Engin Özberk
Executive Director and Senior Technical Advisor
International Minerals Innovation Institute (IMII)

Photo of Pam Schwann

Pam Schwann
Executive Director
Saskatchewan Mining Association

Photo of David C. E. Waugh

David C. E. Waugh
Chief Executive Officer
North Atlantic Potash

Photo of Daniel Muzyka

Dr. Daniel F. Muzyka
President and Chief Executive Officer
The Conference Board of Canada

Photo of Michael Bloom

Dr. Michael R. Bloom
Vice-President, Industry and Business Strategy
The Conference Board of Canada

Photo of Diana MacKay

Diana S. MacKay
Executive Director, Education, Skills & Immigration, The Saskatchewan Institute
The Conference Board of Canada

Photo of Vincent Lauerman

Vincent Lauerman
Director, Energy and Environment
The Conference Board of Canada

Photo of John Barrett

Dr. John Barrett
President and Chief Executive Officer
Canadian Nuclear Association

Photo of Mark Bigland-Pritchard

Dr. Mark Bigland-Pritchard
Consultant, Director
Low Energy Design Ltd

Photo of Tony Baumgartner

Tony Baumgartner
Executive Director, Investment and Industry Development
Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy

Photo of Wanda Nyirfa

Wanda Nyirfa
Vice-President, Business Ventures
Saskatchewan Research Council

Photo of Kelly Lendsay

Kelly Lendsay
President and Chief Executive Officer
Aboriginal Human Resource Council

Photo of Jacqueline Gallagher

Jacqueline N. Gallagher
Vice-President, Saskatchewan
David Aplin Group

Photo of Amy Gill

Amy Gill
Business Development
Vendasta Technologies

Photo of Walt Precourt

Walt Precourt
Senior Vice-President, Potash
The Mosaic Company

Photo of Prabha Vaidyanathan

Prabha Vaidyanathan
Chief Executive Officer
Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan

Photo of Heather Exner-Pirot

Dr. Heather T. Exner-Pirot
Strategist, Outreach and Indigenous Engagement
University of Saskatchewan College of Nursing

Photo of Wanda Hunckak

Wanda Hunckak
Chair, Board of Directors
Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority

Photo of Jeremy Harrison

The Hon. Jeremy Harrison
Minister Responsible For Immigration, Jobs, Skills and Training
Government of Saskatchewan


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“Good big picture overview of what is happening in Saskatchewan now and some insight into our future. There are definitely some common themes from the messages of the presenters.”

“Insightful dialogue generated from plenary sessions. Appreciate leadership role of Saskatchewan at all levels, industry, government, academia, etc.”

“Presentations gave a good indication of what the youth (students) will circum-navigate around as the tradition for this province and Canada in general. More work and less talk or demonstration or practical demonstrations are signs for great road map for Saskatchewan.”

“Well organized. Appreciated the variety of news and thought provoking comments”

“Great to hear and see the Aboriginal perspective and importance!!”

“Thanks! Overall an excellent conference with amazing speakers. I am delighted to be a part of these innovative and thought provoking discussions.”

“Very good day”

“Great conference, enjoyed it greatly!”

“Good conference. Some excellent topics and presentations. Look forward to attending the conference again next year.”

“Delighted to attend this years event and hope to get a chance to next year. The topics this year were excellent and the discussions rich and interesting.”

“Thank you for the opportunity to participate!”