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Public Sector HR 2017: Building “Next Generation” HR for a “Next Gen” Public Sector

Tuesday February 21 - Wednesday February 22 2017 Shaw Centre Ottawa, Ontario

Conference Overview

Prepare yourself for a major rethink of public sector HR design and delivery.

In the last decade the public sector has seen major changes to their workplace, workforce demographics, and the nature of work. These changes are expected to continue. We’ve seen budget cuts impact the ability to deliver service, and at the same time, we've seen a demonstrable pressure for the public sector to invest in new technologies to ensure it keeps pace with citizen expectations and private sector competition for talent.

Over the years this event has consistently kept HR leaders up to date on the latest changes, helped them respond and maintain the high standards Canadians expect. This is even more important now as the pace of change accelerates and demands on public services continue their inexorable intensification.

What is “Next Generation HR” and why now?

A new generation of public servants is reaching critical mass as they take on increasingly responsible roles. While some skepticism may be justified about overstating the impact of generational differences, there is no denying this new generation brings a new set of expectations to organizational cultures. The combined generational and technology shift is resulting in organizations becoming more open, transparent and less hierarchical. Is your public sector organization ready?

This generational shift provides the backdrop to what we are characterizing as “Next Generation HR”. Deconstructing HR practices to meet these new organizational needs that include:

  1. Data driven – Increasingly organizations are turning to data and analytics to support decisions. This requires both an investment in technology, skills development and a change in mindset as analytics busts some long held myths and supports new ways of working that maybe go against the norm.
  2. Digital – No one expects the workplace of tomorrow to be less connected than today. HR needs to respond. For the federal government this means building on the lessons of Blueprint 2020 and reflecting on what’s next.
  3. Diverse – We mean this in the broadest sense. Not only is the workforce increasing in diversity in the traditional sense, but greater focus needs to be given to inclusion – to everyone being recognized and respected and valued for their unique contribution. The world is simply too complex to expect rigid hierarchies to cope.

Learn how to leverage the energy of a new generation, and use it to drive a new, positive culture that supports high performance.

Public sector employees face immense pressures at work, and many also encounter angry citizens who criticize their pay, pension, sick day allowances, and work effort. Your employees may know better, but they’re discouraged nonetheless. How can you replace stress and pressure with motivation and productivity? How can you build a respectful culture?

Meet and learn from established and emerging HR leaders.

Find out from your peers how they’re building stronger teams, fostering greater collaboration, and creating a resilient and positive culture that delivers on performance targets. It may not be easy, but these examples will demonstrate that it can be done.

Build your vision for a modern, flexible, adaptive, agile, high performing public service.

You can’t build a future on fear. The same demographic pressures, disruptive technologies, and social changes that have caused so much turmoil and fear in recent years also hold hope for the future. A vibrant, new, high-energy generation is influencing change in the public sector, new collaborative technologies are beginning to deliver on their promises, and a new informality is starting to take hold.

Initiatives such as Workplace 2.0, Blueprint 2020, and Destination 2020 reflect a new future-focused and positive view of the possibilities of the public service. We’ll explore what this means for HR and the potential it creates for your entire organization.

Learn about practical solutions from the experts.

Discuss solutions to common challenges with other public sector HR leaders. Past attendees have always valued the breadth of sessions at this conference – and while we can’t cover everything we do cast a wide net. Topics under consideration for 2017 include:

  • Data and Analytics and HR
  • The future of talent management in the public sector
  • Aligning HR to deliver outcomes
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • HR trends and metrics
  • Mental health in the workplace
  • Lessons from large private sector employers
  • Blueprint 2020 – lessons learned from implementation
  • Workplace digitization and HR Technology
  • Succession planning
  • Building data competencies in HR
  • Rethinking performance management
  • Generational collaboration
  • Engagement
  • Leadership development

Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to meet the innovators and discuss the latest issues with the experts and your peers.

Building on success.

The Conference Board is Canada’s most respected independent research and conference development organization. This event attracts the top public sector HR leaders, and provides an insightful and enlightening learning experience for conference participants.

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Collaborate with other senior executives, practitioners, and thought leaders. Connect your brand with the solutions, and position your organization as a leader in its field.

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