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Public Sector HR 2015: HR Transformation, Innovation, and Performance

Wednesday February 4 - Thursday February 5 2015 Fairmont Château Laurier Ottawa, Ontario

Conference Overview

It’s time for a major rethink of public sector HR design and delivery.

In the last decade, we’ve witnessed ongoing budget cuts, a rush of new technologies, and the impact of demographic change. Now a new generation of public servants have reached critical mass and come of age, and are taking on increasingly responsible roles. The pressure to perform continues to grow, and now there’s added attention on performance and absenteeism.

Shared services and even outsourcing are back on the agenda in some organizations. Whatever model you choose, you must raise your game as the environment changes, and as talent issues once again dominate the HR agenda.

Learn how to leverage the energy of a new generation, and use it to drive a new, positive culture that supports high performance.

Public sector employees face immense pressures at work, and many also encounter angry citizens who criticize their pay, pension, sick day allowances, and work effort. Your employees may know better, but they’re discouraged nonetheless. How can you replace stress and pressure with motivation and productivity?

Meet and learn from established and emerging HR leaders.

Find out from your peers how they’re building stronger teams, fostering greater collaboration, and creating a resilient and positive culture that delivers on performance targets. It may not be easy, but these examples will demonstrate that it can be done.

The Conference Board has research that can help.

The Conference Board is a leader in wellness, and you’ll hear the latest from our thought leaders on workplace mental health, and an exciting new project on healthy brains. We’ll discuss how to address and reduce bullying, how to tap the full potential of employees with disabilities, and how to measure the right things to ensure you’re getting the job done.

What is your organization’s strategy for employee wellness?

Stress, absenteeism, disengagement, and poor health are too often the distinguishing features of today’s workplace, and nowhere more so than in the public sector.

Many private sector employers are trying to gain a competitive edge with employee wellness programs, and are seeing measurable returns and improved performance. Is your organization capitalizing on wellness to drive results?

Take the lead on employee wellness.

Conference Board research has demonstrated that wellness efforts can generate a positive return on investment. Others’ experiences can also provide the facts you need to demonstrate the value of wellness.

You’ll learn from public sector case studies that have proven the value of wellness programs. Learn how to build your wellness business case, create a more engaged and productive workforce through wellness, and prove your program’s value.

Talent, talent, talent.

As governments strive to become more responsive and transparent, talent increases in importance. Many boomers have already left the public service and, as the economy grows, the competition for talent from the private sector will increase. You must work to make your organization a more attractive employer for top talent.

Of course you’re still expected to do more with less.

Cutting staff and not services means a greater workload for those left behind. HR has a critical role to play here as well, in sustaining morale, and in supporting change and transformation. Find out from the innovators how new processes and ways to work can reduce the pressure on employees.

You’ll also learn how your peers have addressed the negative fallout from change - fear, anxiety, and inaction - and built on the elements that support innovation, such as trust, the ability to fail, collaboration, and more.

Build your vision for a modern, flexible, adaptive, agile, high performing public service.

You can’t build a future on fear. The same demographic pressures, disruptive technologies, and social changes that have caused so much turmoil and fear in recent years also hold hope for the future. A vibrant, new, high energy generation is influencing change in the public sector, new collaborative technologies are beginning to deliver on their promises, and a new informality is starting to take hold.

Initiatives such as Workplace 2.0, Blueprint 2020, and Destination 2020 reflect a new future-focused and positive view of the possibilities of the public service. We’ll explore what this means for HR and the potential it creates for your entire organization.

Learn about practical solutions from the experts.

Discuss solutions to common challenges with other public sector HR leaders, including how to:

  • refine recruitment and retention with social media
  • drive new efficiency in existing processes and programs
  • build a robust business case for workplace wellness
  • develop the next generation of public sector leaders
  • use social media to communicate more effectively inside and outside
  • motivate younger workers to build their careers in your organization
  • turn diversity into a performance driver
  • improve your change management expertise
  • engage people and build a robust culture with limited resources
  • encourage innovation
  • create a succession plan that will work in your situation

Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to meet the innovators and discuss the latest issues with the experts and your peers.

Building on success.

The Conference Board is Canada’s most respected independent research and conference development organization. This event attracts the top public sector HR leaders, and provides an insightful and enlightening learning experience for conference participants.

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Public Sector HR 2015: HR Transformation, Innovation, and PerformanceFairmont Château LaurierOttawaOntario