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Pensions Summit 2015: Risk, Performance, and Innovation

Monday April 13 - Tuesday April 14 2015 Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel Toronto, Ontario

Summit Overview

Pension reform remains a critical issue for Canadians’ future prosperity.

While the funding and risk crises have subsided, pensions continue to experience great change. Ontario has started on serious reform in the last year with a controversial plan, and the federal government has proposed changes to federally regulated plans. Private sector companies continue to reduce their defined benefit risk exposure, and are searching for innovative products and new ways to encourage employees to save for retirement.

The future outlook for pensions remains mixed.

The immediate threats may have been resolved, but these may be “the best of times” and the “worst of times.” While not telling the whole story, the headlines offer some insight into an unpredictable and uneven pension landscape:

“Canada’s pension powerhouse scans globe for offbeat investments as cash pile balloons”

Financial Post, August 2014

“Retired workers angry about proposed pension changes”

Montreal Gazette, August 2014

“Don’t count on a pension to stay afloat in retirement”

The Globe and Mail, July 2014

“Should BC have its own pension plan?”

Benefits Canada, July 2014

“Why there’s global urgency to enhance pensions”

Toronto Star, August 2014

“Call for federal pension policy baffles experts”

Ottawa Citizen, August 2014

“Report warns that Ontario’s hydro pensions are “not sustainable”

The Globe and Mail, August 2014

“More companies considering dumping defined-benefit pensions”

National Post, August 2014

The immediate crises may have passed, but the time for change is now.

An aging workforce makes pension issues more important and urgent. As governments start to take action, employers must revisit their own pension plans. While some employers still have underfunding, slow growth, and low inflation issues, funds must work harder to generate acceptable returns, and plan structures and risk and reward balances need attention.

There’s no shortage of ideas and options. We’ll explore some of the most popular, including target flexible benefits, jointly sponsored pension plans, and target benefit plans.

We’ll also examine how some employers are rethinking their defined contribution plans to provide greater security and reduce costs. This includes initiatives such as lower cost investment options, consolidating investments, and variable benefits.

Learn from the experiences of the experts and your public and private sector peers.

This event consistently attracts leading public and private sector advisors, chief executive and chief financial officers, chief actuaries, ministers and deputy ministers, and international experts to share their thinking and discuss common issues and potential solutions.

The time for change is now, and there’s no better opportunity to hear about the latest issues and innovations, and connect with the pioneers and thought leaders. 

Building on success.

The Conference Board is Canada’s most respected independent research and conference development organization. Conference Board events attract top private and public sector experts, and provide an insightful and enlightening learning experience for participants.


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The details of this event are subject to change. Please revisit this page periodically for updated information.

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2014 Event

Last year's Pensions Summit took place April 28, 2014 at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel.

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