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Business Innovation Summit 2016: Building and Sustaining Firm-Level Innovation and Commercialization

Monday May 2 - Tuesday May 3 2016 Shaw Centre Ottawa, ON

JOIN US for Business Innovation Summit 2016!

Business Innovation Summit 2016 is the premier learning destination for Canadian innovators and public policy experts to connect, collaborate and innovate together to support and sustain the competitive market performance of Canadian industry and higher economic and social benefits to Canadians.

Summit Overview

The Conference Board’s Centre for Business Innovation (CBI) is bringing together hundreds of business leaders, public policy creators and implementers and other major players from Canada’s innovation eco-system to share, learn from one another, and develop solutions to helping businesses innovate and commercialize more effectively for sustained economic growth in Canada.

Business Innovation Summit (BIS) 2016 will help business professionals and government representatives understand the trends and challenges of innovation and commercialization. Delegates will learn best practices for:

  • undertaking innovative business programs;
  • making investments in support of innovation;
  • providing innovation procurement services;
  • enhancing service delivery processes;
  • building strategic partnerships that work;
  • managing corporate innovation processes and teams; and
  • using advanced management methodologies and tools.

What Can You Expect?

Generate Value from Innovation Networks

Participants will connect and network with—expert speakers, government granting agencies, corporate innovation leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, accelerators and incubators, universities and colleges, experts and consultants, and more. Businesses and entrepreneurs will gain access to candid advice on how to overcome your innovation challenges, access funding and capital markets, and accelerate your commercialization results. Government representatives will gain insights and ideas on how to ensure you offer policies, procurement services, and service delivery systems that effectively support and sustain innovators.

Interactive Learning Sessions with Practical Takeaways

BIS 2016 is the premier learning destination for Canadian policy makers and implementers and innovators. Interactive delegate-expert sharing sessions enable participants to learn from speakers and their peers. The sessions offer help to overcome real-innovation challenges by sharing tangible solutions that work. Get the right answers to your innovation questions and challenges! Delegates will have multiple opportunities to ask the questions that matter most to them. The emphasis on sharing experiences will ensure that innovators gain insights and understanding from each other—enabling them to increase the speed of idea generation, development, and commercialization.

Roundtable Innovation Policy Discussions

Business leaders and innovation experts will share their views and insights in interactive roundtable discussions and consultation sessions focusing on new and emerging public policies for innovation. Delegates will identify the challenges, issues, and barriers they face as innovators, and provide their recommendations on public policies and government programs that would help them most in turning ideas into marketplace successes as new and improved products and services.

Delegates' recommendations and potential solutions will be captured and presented in future briefings to government policy- and decision-makers, and Centre for Business Innovation reports for business leaders.

Key Takeaways

Summit delegates will:

  • Connect with leading innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, and key players across Canada to network, and explore new innovation partnerships.
  • Gain insights from the Summit’s high-profile keynote speakers who will share their novel perspectives on implementing corporate innovation strategies for success, building strategic networks, and tracking results.
  • Influence innovation public policy and government programs by discussing your experiences and providing recommendations for improvement.
  • Learn about the most important trends affecting business innovation and entrepreneurs, and how to adopt effective strategies, metrics-based methodologies and tools that work for your organization.
  • Hear the latest research findings from the Centre for Business Innovation, meet our innovation research team, ask their advice and let them know the priority issues that you would like them to address next.

Summit Themes

The Business Innovation Summit 2016 will focus on the following themes:

  1. Informing Public Policy—providing recommendations to enhance public policy and government programs that fund, support, and sustain firm-level innovation towards a more competitive and better performing Canadian industry.
  2. Developing a Culture of Entrepreneurship—evaluating present approaches and providing best practices for instilling entrepreneurial leadership, competitive will and business know-how into the next generation of Canadians starting with their secondary and post-secondary education.
  3. Sharing Best Practices for Collaboration, Innovation and Commercialization—showcasing the latest thinking, corporate best practices, strategies and tools to drive continuous collaboration, innovation, and commercialization inside Canadian firms.
  4. Building Government Procurement Systems for Globally Competitive Entrepreneurs—exploring ways to enhance government procurement processes and improving entrepreneurs’ awareness of, and access to government procurement processes.
  5. Improving the Success Rate of New Businesses and Entrepreneurs—discussing solutions to improving the financial literacy and management skills of entrepreneurs across all verticals to raise their success rate.
  6. Enhancing Government Service Delivery for Business Innovation—examining current and potential approaches to providing government services that support, sustain and encourage business innovation and entrepreneurs.


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The details of this event are subject to change. Please revisit this page periodically for updated information.