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Agenda and Speakers

Canadian Immigration Summit 2017: Innovating at 150 and BeyondMay 9–10, 2017 Ottawa

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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

8:00 AM Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:30 AM Opening Remarks from the Chair

The Conference Board of Canada will welcome delegates, outline the goals of the Summit, and provide an update on the National Immigration Centre.

El-Assal <br />  
Research Associate II, Education and Immigration Research
The Conference Board of Canada
8:45 AM Plenary Session 1
Keynote Address: Celebrating Canada's 150th Anniversary

In 2017, Canada commemorates its 150th anniversary—and celebrates the vital role that immigrants play in its success as a nation. The Honourable John McCallum, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, will highlight immigration's central role in our national history, and update delegates on recent actions to achieve the federal government's immigration mandate.

McCallum <br />  
Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship
Government of Canada
9:45 AM Networking Break
10:15 AM Plenary Session 2
From the Last Great West to the Maritimes

Speakers from across Canada will shed light on the immigration contexts in their jurisdictions. What innovative new solutions are they proposing to become even more attractive and welcoming for newcomers?

11:15 AM Plenary Session 3
Innovating at 150 and Beyond

Throughout its history, Canada has turned towards innovative solutions in pursuit of its immigration objectives. The skills-based points system is one of many prominent examples. Drawing inspiration from the past, and looking to the future, the keynote speaker will discuss 21st century innovations that could make Canada's immigration system even more competitive.

12:00 PM Luncheon and Keynote Presentation

Session details to be advised.

1:15 PM Concurrent Sessions—Set A
(please choose one)
1:15 PM Concurrent Session A1
Federal Update

Interact with IRCC and ESDC officials as they update delegates on Express Entry, international student issues, and temporary worker programs.

1:15 PM Concurrent Session A2
Recognizing Skills, Qualifications, and the Potential

This session examines innovative approaches to assess the skills, competencies, and qualifications of immigrants and refugees. How could pre-arrival supports be leveraged even further? What are some domestic best practices that could be applied more widely across Canada? What lessons could Canada learn and adopt from abroad? How could newcomers be better integrated into regulated professions, and linked to alternative careers?

Johnson <br />  
Owner, Project Management
Keith Johnson Consulting
1:15 PM Concurrent Session A3
Settlement and Integration Around the World

The municipal role in newcomer settlement and integration varies around the world. Settlement funding models also differ significantly—while some countries devote substantial financial resources to settlement, others spend very little. In this session, speakers will share what Canada can learn from notable global practices.

Owen <br />  
Deputy Executive Director and Director of World Education Services Canada
World Education Services
2:30 PM Refreshment Break
2:45 PM Concurrent Sessions—Set B
(please choose one)
2:45 PM Concurrent Session B1
Facilitating the Free Flow of People and Capital

A 21st century economy requires a 21st century policy and regulatory environment to promote growth. Speakers will explore domestic and global best practices as they propose innovations to ensure people and investment capital flow freely into Canada.

2:45 PM Concurrent Session B2
Global Mobility in the Digital Age

Today, immigrants, refugees, foreign workers, and international students depend on social media and technology to link to communities, services, and jobs. Providing successful examples, speakers will outline how technology is meeting the needs of the globally mobile.

Baoween <br />  
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
HRx Technology Inc.
2:45 PM Concurrent Session B3
Refugee Business

Employer engagement in the hiring of refugees is a priority across Canada. In this session, delegates will learn about the efforts of Canadian and European employers to integrate refugees into the workplace.

Yuen <br />  
Chief Executive Officer
Centre for Newcomers
4:00 PM Plenary Session 4
Nineteen Million and Counting…

Since 1867, Canada has admitted some 19 million immigrants and will welcome many more in the decades to come. The Conference Board's research suggests Canada will need 350,000 immigrants per year by 2030 to sustain its prosperity. The Advisory Council on Economic Growth recommends 450,000 by 2021. The Century Initiative calls for much higher sustained immigration levels to ensure Canada's population reaches 100 million by 2100. Panellists will get to the heart of the matter: how many immigrants does Canada need moving forward?

Subak <br />  
Executive Director
Century Initiative
5:15 PM Speed Networking and Reception

Get out and mingle. Participate in this facilitated speed networking session and meet immigration practitioners from across Canada.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

8:00 AM Continental Breakfast
8:30 AM Plenary Session 5
Brexit and Trump

Britain has voted to leave the European Union and Americans have elected Donald Trump as President. What impact will these developments have on Canada's immigration system? For instance, how might changes south of the border affect NAFTA and worker mobility between Canada, America, and Mexico? What can Canada learn from Britain and America to strengthen its immigration system?

9:45 AM Plenary Session 6
Keynote Presentation—The Canadian Dream

Between 1928 and 1971, one million immigrants arrived to Pier 21 in pursuit of The Canadian Dream. In this keynote presentation, Marie Chapman highlights Pier 21's special role in Canada's history.

Chapman <br />  
Chief Executive Officer
Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21
10:15 AM Networking Break
10:45 AM Concurrent Sessions—Set C
(please choose one)
10:45 AM Concurrent Session C1
The Evolution of Canadian Immigration, Multiculturalism, and Citizenship

Blending past and present, speakers look to the future as they explore the evolution of Canadian immigration, multiculturalism, and citizenship.

Griffith <br />  
Author, Commentator and Blogger
Vineberg <br />  
Chair, Board of Governors
Immigration Research West
10:45 AM Concurrent Session C2
"Canadian Experience Required"

Speakers will share innovative best practices that help immigrants find good jobs, including in regulated professions.

10:45 AM Concurrent Session C3
Innovation Through Immigration

Immigration is a major component of Canada's efforts to become more innovative. In this session, panellists will speak to those efforts and discuss how the immigration-innovation nexus could be strengthened in support of Canada's economic growth.

Anani <br />  
President and Chief Executive Officer
Information and Communications Technology Council
12:00 PM Networking Luncheon

As you enjoy lunch, hear from RBC as they pay tribute to Canada's special year.

RBC logo

1:00 PM Concurrent Sessions—Set D
(please choose one)
1:00 PM Concurrent Session D1
Canada in Comparison

What can Canada learn from the efforts of peer nations to attract and retain immigrants, foreign workers, and international students?

Carnat <br />  
Director, Client Relations and Business Development (Canada)
IDP Education
Obrist <br />  
Senior Science and Technology Counsellor
Embassy of Switzerland
1:00 PM Concurrent Session D2
Bringing the World to Your Community

Discussing examples of successful community partnerships across Canada, speakers will highlight their efforts to attract and retain newcomers, including Francophones.

1:00 PM Concurrent Session D3
Empowering Entrepreneurs and Youth

Immigrant entrepreneurs and youth often require unique supports to succeed. Speakers will highlight good practices to empower immigrant entrepreneurs, including females, and to better meet the integration needs of young immigrants, refugees, and international students.

2:15 PM Refreshment Break
2:30 PM Plenary Session 7
Canada at 200

In the 19th century, Canada sought immigrants to build a nation. The 20th century would belong to Canada, according to Laurier. As we sit here in the 21st century, celebrating Canada's 150th anniversary, the keynote speaker will evaluate how Canadians can lay the foundations today to ensure an even stronger immigration system 50 years from now.

3:15 PM Plenary Session 8
Keynote Presentation—A Land of Opportunity

The Summit's closing keynote speaker will pay tribute to the exceptionalism of the Canadian immigrant experience.

3:45 PM Closing Remarks from the Chair
El-Assal <br />  
Research Associate II, Education and Immigration Research
The Conference Board of Canada
4:00 PM Summit Adjourns


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