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Healthy Canada: Healthy Brains Across the Lifespan

Wednesday March 2 2016 Pantages Hotel Toronto Centre Toronto, ON

Summit Overview

This conference is the second in the Healthy Canada series of three events that tackle the cost drivers of the health care system.

Brain health has a huge impact on the way Canadians live their lives.

In the next 15 years, estimates indicate that the number of cases of dementia will near 1.4 million—a shocking 90 per cent increase from 2011. In addition to those alarming numbers, an estimated 4.2 million employed Canadians are living with a mental illness. What does this say about the state of brain health in Canada? Neurological and mental health conditions not only affect our health, but also our economy; the need to address these conditions has never been greater. What changes can be made to influence the statistics, and more importantly, the future for all Canadians?

This event will address these challenges by exploring these issues across the three buckets of life—children and youth, adulthood, and the aging population. This lifespan approach will uncover the neurological and mental health issues and the impact they have on Canadians. As a leader, you will leave with a deeper understanding of the trends within these conditions and the influence they have on the subgroups in our population.

What changes are being made to address neurological and mental health in Canada?

Canada has come a long way in raising awareness of neurological and mental health issues and reducing stigma, but the clarity is compromised when it comes to implementation of services and care for those in need. With innovative strides being made in care, programs, and treatments, there is cause for discussion on how to implement these changes across the health care system to produce results.

The health and economic impacts of neurological and mental health conditions is staggering—mental illnesses alone cost the Canadian economy more than $30 billion annually. From prevention to management, addressing the brain health of Canadians through evidence-based care and services is critical.

Delegates will learn about strategies from across Canada to address the supply and demand for treatments and services, and the opportunities to leverage these in order to foster healthy brains, good mental health, and health system sustainability.

Learn about Innovative Solutions

New approaches to screening, treatment and management of neurological and mental health conditions are emerging, along with programs and policies to support individuals living with these conditions. Conference delegates will engage with speakers, and discuss the opportunities to innovate in order to promote brain health for all Canadians while delivering value-for-money.


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The details of this event are subject to change. Please revisit this page periodically for updated information.

Full Agenda Available!

Image of the Healthy Brains agenda cover The full agenda for this event is now available!

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Maintenance of Certification

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Attendance at this program entitles certified Canadian College of Health Leaders members (CHE / Fellow) to 3.5 Category II credits towards their maintenance of certification requirement.

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Une participation à cette réunion par un membre certifié du Collège canadien des leaders en santé (CHE / Fellow) vaut 3.5 crédits de la catégorie II du MDC à l'égard de l'exigence du maintien de la certification à laquelle ceux-ci sont soumis.