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Agenda and Speakers

5th Annual Canadian Food & Drink Summit 2016Nov 28–29, 2016 Toronto

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Monday, November 28, 2016

7:45 AM Registration and Continental Breakfast

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8:30 AM Opening Remarks from the Chair

Le Vallée <br />  
Associate Director, Centre for Food in Canada
The Conference Board of Canada
8:45 AM Plenary Session 1
Launch of the 1st Provincial Report Card on Food

The Summit will kick off with the launch of the Conference Board's 1st Provincial Report Card on Food - a comparison and assessment of Canada's national food performance across all ten provinces. The session will showcase the content of the Report Card and will provide top line results of Canada's food performance covering all five themes of the Canadian Food Strategy, namely Healthy Food and Diets, Industry Prosperity, Household Food Security, Food Safety and Environmental Sustainability.

Le Vallée <br />  
Associate Director, Centre for Food in Canada
The Conference Board of Canada
9:45 AM Networking and Refreshment Break

10:15 AM Plenary Session 2
Dairy Processing in Canada: Domestic and Global Challenges and Opportunities

With the realities of supply management, are growth expectations realistic? To answer this question, this session will provide a portrait of the dairy industry in terms of supply management and consumption, both for domestic and international markets. It will also describe opportunities and challenges faced by dairy stakeholders in Canada, as well as present Saputo's business strategies to evolve within this environment.

Colizza <br />  
President and Chief Operating Officer, Dairy Division (Canada)
Saputo Inc.
10:45 AM Plenary Session 3
Nutrition in the Workplace: Fostering Health and Energy

Almost two-thirds of Canadian adults are overweight or obese, one of the most important risk factors for many chronic illnesses and conditions. Employers have a role to play to support their employees on this very sensitive matter. In this session, hear real-life case studies on how leading firms support healthy nutrition and well-being by providing healthy food options, education, health and nutrition counselling, and company-wide wellness challenges.

Bakker <br />  
Director, Global Food Services
Chin <br />  
Chief Wellness Officer
TELUS Communications Inc.
Le Vallée <br />  
Associate Director, Centre for Food in Canada
The Conference Board of Canada
12:00 PM Networking Luncheon
12:45 PM Lunch Presentation
Have Global Commodity Prices Settled?

Commodity prices have completed their broadest and longest boom-bust cycle since WWII. Past concerns were dominated by resource availability and scarcity issues. Headlines captured these concerns as "food vs fuel", "land grab", "peak oil", "high and volatile commodity prices", and "high food prices causing political turmoil". The current debate, however, has moved from the problem of 'scarcity' to the problem of 'plenty'. Recent headlines focus on the oil glut, excess fertilizer capacity, and wheat prices hitting 11-year lows. The presentation will explore the following questions:

  • What have we learned during the past decade?
  • Was it just another price cycle or are there structural changes that policy makers should be aware of?
  • Are we entering a period of low and stable commodity prices as we did during the two decades following the collapse of commodity prices in the mid-1980s?

Baffes <br />  
Senior Economist, Development Prospects Group
The World Bank
1:15 PM Interactive Sessions - Set A
(Please select one)

1:15 PM Interactive Session A1
Supplemented Food and Natural Health Products (NHP): Commercialization, Definitions & Opportunities

The rapid growth of the health food and supplement sector has led to some new regulatory challenges. This session will discuss the latest developments and evaluate what is considered supplemented food, what is considered a Natural Health Product (NHP), and why it matters. What is needed to bring a product to market as a supplemented food or as a NHP? How does the product category impact advertising? Attend the session to hear from the experts.

Retik <br />  
Gowling WLG
Yan <br />  
Director, Bureau of Nutritional Sciences
Health Canada
1:15 PM Interactive Session A2
Models of Successful Farm Business Practices

What management practices and behaviours make farms financially successful? Attend this session to learn from best practices and leading examples that explore continuous learning, creating formal business plans, managing costs of production, risk assessment and management, setting budget goals and more.

Watson <br />  
Executive Director
Farm Management Canada
Hudson <br />  
Burnbrae Farms Ltd.
Conzelmann <br />  
Chief Executive Officer
King Cole Ducks Ltd.
1:15 PM Interactive Session A3
Assessing Food Access, Food Literacy and Food System Work in Ontario

Initiatives to assess food access, food literacy and the food system are necessary to ensure that program and policy planners have the information required to make good decisions to measure the impact of their programs and policies. Consistent and reliable data is currently unavailable to assess the situation provincially and there is little opportunity for cross Canada comparisons. This session will provide examples of recent initiatives to identify key indicators required to assess food system work related to food access and food literacy in Canada. It will include discussions about current food system assessment work. Participants will engage in dialogue regarding the need for further food system research to inform program and policy development.

Manafo <br />  
Program Manager, Internationally Educated Dietitians Pre Registration Program, School of Nutrition
Ryerson University
Turnbull <br />  
Roblin <br />  
Policy Consultant, Nutrition Resource Centre
Ontario Public Health Association
2:30 PM Networking & Refreshment Break

2:45 PM Plenary Session 4
Exploring Basic Income as a Means to Ensure Food Security

Millions of Canadians experience food insecurity and or live below Canada's low income measure (LICO). How would a guaranteed basic income address these national concerns? How would it replace Canada's current social assistance systems? Attend this session to learn about the rationale, how it could be implemented, and how effective it could be in ensuring food security over time.

Eggleton <br />  
Senate of Canada
Tarasuk <br />  
Professor, Department of Nutritional Sciences, Faculty of Medicine
University of Toronto
Alexander <br />  
Senior Vice-President and Chief Economist
The Conference Board of Canada
4:00 PM Plenary Session 5
Discussions on a National Food Policy

Session details to be advised.

Meredith <br />  
Assistant Deputy Minister, Strategic Policy Branch
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Koc <br />  
Professor, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Arts
Ryerson University
Higginson <br />  
Vice-President, Public and Regulatory Affairs
Food and Consumer Products of Canada
5:00 PM Closing Remarks from the Chair

Le Vallée <br />  
Associate Director, Centre for Food in Canada
The Conference Board of Canada
5:15 PM Cocktail Networking Reception

Enjoy specialty wine and beer samples, connect with fellow delegates, visit the exhibits, discuss food & drink, and share your thoughts on the day's insights.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

7:45 AM Continental Breakfast
8:30 AM Opening Remarks from the Chair

Le Vallée <br />  
Associate Director, Centre for Food in Canada
The Conference Board of Canada
8:45 AM Plenary Session 6
Internal Trade Barriers Harming Alcohol Consumers and Producers

Canada's provincial Premiers have given themselves two years to find ways to improve the trade of alcohol within Canada. Antiquated, parochial, and protectionist provincial alcohol policies, often adopted with the best of intentions, are harming both consumers and producers. Jan Westcott will provide a veteran insider's view of where and how meaningful reform can occur.

Westcott <br />  
President and Chief Executive Officer
Spirits Canada
9:15 AM Plenary Session 7
Growth, Opportunities & Challenges in Canada's Wine and Beer Sectors

Wine and beer have been a part of Canadian life for hundreds of years. These sectors are significant employers and strong contributors to Canada's economy. Beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage in the country, accounting for 8.1 per cent of all household spending on food and beverages. While craft beers are growing in popularity, Canada's icewine reputation is also growing. Attend this session to hear panelists discuss and debate future growth, opportunities and challenges in the wine and beer sectors.

Thatcher-Craig <br />  
Clear Valley Hops
Linley <br />  
Wine Council of Ontario
Gibson <br />  
Marketing and Sales, GTA East
Nickel Brook Brewing Co.
10:15 AM Plenary Session 8
Beverage Calorie Initiative Baseline Report

At last year's summit, the Canadian Beverage Association launched an initiative to reduce non-alcoholic beverage calories consumed by Canadians by 20% over the next 10 years. In this session, the CBA will share information on historical trends from the baseline report against which progress will be monitored to 2025.

Goetz <br />  
Canadian Beverage Association
10:30 AM Networking and Refreshment Break

11:00 AM Interactive Sessions - Set B
(Please select one)

11:00 AM Interactive Session B1
How Are Canadian Food, Beverage and Other Businesses Succeeding in Sustainability Adoption?

What does sustainability mean? What are the implications for Canada's food and beverage industry? How is the sector tackling the issue? Attend this session to learn and discuss current adoption trends, opportunities and challenges for Canada's industry, and explore sustainability initiatives and leadership, including on issues of food waste.

Mereweather <br />  
Executive Director
Provision Coalition
Mak <br />  
Manager, Sustainability, Enterprise Risk Services
Deloitte LLP
Vanderpol <br />  
Environment and Climate Change Canada
11:00 AM Interactive Session B2
Quebec's DUX Program, Eating and Living Better

DUX is a vast movement of food sector leaders who mobilize in order to expand and enrich Quebec's food supply, the environment and food choices to improve the health and vitality of the population. Attend this session to learn how the program inspires, motivates and rewards food chain players and hear from recent winners from Quebec's food industry.

Lemire <br />  
Vice-President and Co-Founder
Hanus <br />  
Senior Technical Representative
Dealers Ingredients
Parent <br />  
Chief Executive Officer
Aliments Ultima
11:00 AM Interactive Session B3
Transforming the Food Delivery Market: Benefits for Business and Consumers

The food delivery market has embraced new technologies which are rapidly transforming customer experiences. From app-based delivery services to online grocery sales, food is now more accessible than ever. So how can your business leverage these new opportunities to deliver excellent customer experiences? This session brings together a panel of experts and industry leaders who will share how they have capitalized on this new world of food delivery.

Danahy <br />  
Chief Executive Officer
Park <br />  
General Manager
UberEverything Toronto
Porter <br />  
Vice-President, Omni-Channel Operations
Walmart Canada, Inc.
12:15 PM Networking Luncheon
1:00 PM Lunch Presentation
Rejuvenating Canada's Shrinking Pear Industry through Innovation

Originally developed by plant breeders at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), Cold SnapTM was licensed to Vineland for global commercialization. Vineland's Consumer Insights team in-turn defined the pear brand and using a new approach, and brought this pear to market in Canada as an exclusive variety.

Cold SnapTM's commercial success is the result of a multi-faceted collaboration between many organizations and a broad base of growers. And with production continuing to scale up, even more pears will reach the market in coming years. Attend this session to hear Dr. Brandle present the Cold SnapTM pear case study and see how these efforts have rejuvenated what was a shrinking pear industry in Canada.

Brandle <br />  
Chief Executive Officer
Vineland Research and Innovation Centre
1:30 PM Plenary Session 9
Food Fraud, Food Safety, Private Standards and GFSI

In this session, panelists will present and debate emerging issues in food safety such as: industry leaders' viewpoints on current issues related to food fraud and food safety; where we will be in 2020; the future, and the risks and opportunities they perceive in their industry; and whether ISO is still an effective system to implement strategies that maximize value and reduce risk in our GFSI world.

Medeiros <br />  
Managing Director, Consulting and Technical Services, North America
Charlebois <br />  
Dalhousie University
Sinukoff <br />  
Senior Environmental Consultant
Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Tisdale <br />  
Internal Practice Auditor
Stantec Consulting Ltd.
2:45 PM Plenary Session 10
Brands, Meet Bloggers: Leveraging Partnerships with Digital Influencers in Canada

In keeping with modern consumers' demand for digital information, food reviews have moved beyond traditional newspaper outlets to online blogs and social media platforms. Recognizing the potential to reach mass audiences, many brands have partnered with credible online influencers. This session brings together a panel of digital influencers and industry experts to discuss the online food experience and how you can leverage similar opportunities in your marketing strategy.

Adeland <br />  
Co-Founder and Managing Director, Partnerships
Food Bloggers of Canada
Finestone <br />  
Founder and Community Manager
Miguel <br />  
Food Blogger
Taste Canada Awards - Blog Award Chair
4:00 PM Closing Remarks from the Chair

Le Vallée <br />  
Associate Director, Centre for Food in Canada
The Conference Board of Canada
4:10 PM Summit Adjourns

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