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Agenda and Speakers

Evidence-Based HR 2017: Combining Data, Analytics, and Experimentation to Transform HRApr 25–26, 2017 Toronto

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

7:45 AM Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:10 AM Opening Remarks from the Co-Chairs
Brewer <br />  
Executive Program Developer
The Conference Board of Canada
Jackson <br />  
Associate Director, Human Resources Transformation and Effectiveness Research
The Conference Board of Canada
8:30 AM Plenary Session 1
Hacking HR—How LinkedIn Drew on the Energy and Ideas of Employees to Rethink HR

In addressing the issue of employee engagement, LinkedIn took a very non-traditional approach. They decided to borrow the model of a technical Hackathon to target the issue of declining employee engagement across the entire employee lifecycle. Using this innovative approach, their first ever HR Hackaton was launched.

Over a period of six weeks, word spread and over 1,000 college interns working in Silicon Valley applied to participate in the HR Hackathon. The goal was to find a diverse group of interns, with a mix of undergraduates and MBA candidates, females and males, American born and international, plus a variation of technical disciplines, with 9-10 being outside the HR function.

In this session, Perry Monaco will discuss LinkedIn's approach, the outcome and evidence-based solutions at LinkedIn aimed at delivering results through targeted HR initiatives.

Monaco <br />  
Customer Success Leader
LinkedIn Corporation
9:15 AM Plenary Session 2
HR, Data, Analytics, Evidence and Experimentation—How Current Innovations Are Shaping the Future of Organizations and HR

The use of data and analytics in organizations has seen rapid growth in recent years. While typically not the leaders in this regard, HR is very much part of this trend.

For many HR departments however, the analytics function has been seen as an addition to traditional approaches, playing a supporting role as and when needed. Likewise, the enabling technologies like cloud based options, have accelerated the use of a more evidence-based approach, but are seen as an adjunct to much of the main HR activity.

We've designed this event with a different assumption—that using reliable data and analytics is central to an increasing reliance on evidence based approaches to HR decision-making. This is not supplementing established norms and procedures, but rather is inclusive and is transforming the practice of HR. For some this is an evolution, for others a revolution, but the end result for both will be new ways of practicing HR.

Drawing from recent Conference Board research, this session will provide insights on the increased use of data and analytics in Canadian organizations. It will also dive into the current use of People related data in a Canadian company, Aviva.

Jackson <br />  
Associate Director, Human Resources Transformation and Effectiveness Research
The Conference Board of Canada
Smith <br />  
Vice-President and People Business Partner
Aviva Canada
10:00 AM Networking Break
10:30 AM Plenary Session 3
New Approaches, New Technology: How New Technologies Can Support the Move to Evidence Based HR

The current tech landscape in HR is characterized by a plethora of new platforms and apps offering a dizzying array of services to HR. Want to reward employees for healthy behavior? There's an app for that. Want to build your brand as an organization devoted to a higher purpose? There's an app for that. Want to measure your culture? There's an app for that.

Despite the variety to choose from, one common thread ties these applications together. They all gather data on employees and the organization. Data you can use to make better informed HR decisions.

To explore the rapidly developing field of HR technology, this session will feature three fast growing, widely deployed applications. They will each share briefly the functions they provide before we dive into the meat of the discussion— how you can use the data these apps collect to improve employee experience and performance.

Rusche <br />  
Director, Marketing
Varma <br />  
People Person
Traction On Demand
11:30 AM Plenary Session 4
From Data to Action—An HR Leaders Guide to the Key Steps of Effective People Analytics

What do you really need to succeed in implementing an evidence-based and analytical approach to HR? Do you need a huge database, the latest technologies, a team of seasoned data analysts, and a huge budget?

These would all be nice, but are not available to all HR leaders.

This session will examine exactly what an analytical approach entails and focus in on some of the key areas that frequently impede growth and effectiveness. This session will include how to develop data analytics with limited resources and how to communicate and socialize the results so that the data makes a difference.

Moon <br />  
Founder and Principal Consultant
MMM & Associates
12:15 PM Networking Luncheon
1:15 PM Plenary Session 5
Realizing the Promise of the Quantified Workplace—What if You Knew Your Employees as Well as You Know Your Customers?

Meet Tara Vanderloo, Vice-President of Sensei Labs, as she provides key insights behind the New York Times best-seller, The Decoded Company, and reveals how a growing number of industry-leading companies are using data and analytics to decode employee work data in the same way that Facebook, Netflix, Spotify, and other apps decode customer data to personalize, simplify, and enhance the user experience.

Explore how progressive companies like Google, Starbucks, and Whole Foods are using technology as a coach, and data as a sixth sense. Learn how they are tapping into the analytical potential that exists inside every company to engineer vibrant cultural ecosystems to engage and empower their people and inspire amazing results.

Vanderloo <br />  
Vice-President, Sensei Labs
Klick Inc.
2:15 PM Plenary Session 6
Diversity and Inclusion: An Evidence Based Approach

For many organizations D&I is where human capital analytics begins, as employers need to report on their progress so they need to gather data. As challenges are revealed through the data, analytics become critical first in properly diagnosing the problem and in arriving at the right solution. In addition, increasing demand for more initiatives in this area creates a need for more measurement to demonstrate the impact of modifying long held assumptions and practices.

This session will feature a discussion of this development and how D&I practitioners and HR leaders need to take an increasingly sophisticated and evidence based approach to D&I and how this can yield real and sustainable change both for individuals and the business.

van Biesen <br />  
Executive Director
Catalyst Canada
3:00 PM Refreshment Break
3:15 PM Plenary Session 7
Tackling Your Toughest HR Challenges—Discussion of the Use of Evidence Based Management in HR

People analytics is one of the key parts a broader movement to create a genuinely evidence based approach to human resources in organizations.

One of Canada's leaders in the field, Blake Jelley will share examples of where this approach has produced value for organizations and invite you to raise examples of questions you need answered in your organization so he can offer suggestions as to how you could apply an evidence based approach.

Jelley <br />  
Associate Professor, Faculty of Business
University of Prince Edward Island
4:00 PM Plenary Session 8
What Better Evidence than Results? Applying the Principles of a "Results Only Work Environment" (ROWE)

While certainly not yet "mainstream" the ROWE approach has attracted many followers and practitioners who firmly believe that it creates more productive, healthier and happier workplaces.

It is certainly an approach that challenges some of HR's most firmly held assumptions in areas such as performance reviews, absenteeism management, leadership, and others.

This session will look at one organization's experience with this approach, the challenges it faced, the success it has achieved. At its core, ATB's focus on results rather than face-time or process shifts the focus to hard facts, evidence and outcomes. The benefits include greater autonomy, focus and engagement for individuals and improved performance for the organization.

Boshoff <br />  
Director, People and Culture
ATB Financial
4:45 PM Closing Remarks from the Co-Chairs
Brewer <br />  
Executive Program Developer
The Conference Board of Canada
Jackson <br />  
Associate Director, Human Resources Transformation and Effectiveness Research
The Conference Board of Canada
5:00 PM Day 1 Adjourns

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

7:45 AM Continental Breakfast
8:15 AM Opening Remarks from the Co-Chairs
Brewer <br />  
Executive Program Developer
The Conference Board of Canada
Jackson <br />  
Associate Director, Human Resources Transformation and Effectiveness Research
The Conference Board of Canada
8:30 AM Plenary Session 9
Getting Past the Hype: An Analytics Game Plan for the HR Executive

As organizations devote more resources to analytics the hype also increases. Expectations are raised and practitioners must resist the temptation to over promise. As you grow your analytics capability you need to ensure you clarify its role so that growth occurs to match the needs of the business.

In this session, you will hear one organization's story of increasing use of Human Capital Analytics and how a clear game plan rooted in the fundamentals has ensured they have kept focused on the business. Key areas of discussion will include:

  • identifying and using the tools fit for purpose?
  • creating a common language and shared understanding of the issues and challenges
  • adapting techniques from the simple to the complex
  • shifting the culture and mindset in and about HR

9:15 AM Plenary Session 10
Decisions, Decisions, Data, Data. How to Move from Data to Effective Decision Making

Data without effective decision making is never going to make a positive impact on your organization. The quality of decision making is at the very heart of even the term "evidence based". Yet it is humans who make decisions. A thorough discussion of EBHR has to include the issue of bias and the mechanics of decision making.

In this session, Marc Delisle will offer you the opportunity to explore your biases through specific HR related problems and will discuss current efforts to implement evidence-based HR approaches at the CRA .

Delisle <br />  
Senior Analyst
Canada Revenue Agency
10:00 AM Networking Break

10:30 AM Plenary Session 11
Managing the Constraints: A Practical Discussion on Making Measurement Happen

As HR professionals we are pulled in more directions than ever before; constantly battling limited resources and changing business needs. While we have increased demands for stronger analytics, and some help from technology, carving out the time to conduct and interpret additional measurement can be challenging.

In this session, we will engage in a discussion regarding recent trends in leadership measurement and provide some practical steps and tools to help make measurement happen—in the face of the constraints we all face.

Taylor <br />  
Managing Director
Development Dimensions International (DDI) Canada
11:15 AM Plenary Session 12
Closing Discussion on Putting Evidence into Action

Throughout the event, you will have the opportunity to reflect on the key messages of each speaker. This process will afford you the opportunity to create a personalized list of action items for change.

This concluding session, featuring speakers from the event, will feature peer discussion and a review of your action items.

12:00 PM Closing Remarks from the Co-Chairs
Brewer <br />  
Executive Program Developer
The Conference Board of Canada
Jackson <br />  
Associate Director, Human Resources Transformation and Effectiveness Research
The Conference Board of Canada
12:15 PM Conference Adjourns


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