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ERM 2016: Right Size, Customize, Optimize

Monday February 29 - Tuesday March 1 2016 Toronto Marriott Downtown Eaton Centre Toronto, Ontario

Conference Overview

How can your ERM program contribute more value to its stakeholders?

Enterprise Risk Management has progressed significantly in the past decade, becoming more sophisticated and integrated, and being employed by more organizations in many different sectors.

There are many theories and books on how to make it work, and many frameworks for developing or refining your program. The challenge for many organizations is how to customize these theories and frameworks to fit their industry, corporate structure, and culture. Many experienced ERM leaders contend that it’s this customization that makes ERM work, and contribute to stronger organizational performance.

Learn how the experts customize their ERM tools for peak performance.

Find out from other practitioners how they’ve successfully adapted “off-the-shelf” frameworks and approaches to fit their regulatory and business environments, and their corporate structures and cultures. You’ll also hear why they feel this customization is so important, and their lessons learned in optimizing results.

Benefit from the experiences of ERM practitioners from different sectors, each with their own unique requirements.

The scope and nature of ERM needs and programs vary greatly from one organization to the next, making it difficult to benchmark activities and performance. Key variables like risk appetite, risk tolerance, inherent and residual risk, risk mitigation, and insurance all need to be adapted to the situation, and this adds to the benchmarking and validation challenges.

An experts’ panel will explore how customizing each ERM program variable can help ensure that the right information is available to help decision-makers and reassure stakeholders.

The scope of ERM programs also varies from one organization to the other. Learn what can be included under the ERM umbrella, and how to have a successful ERM program when some elements are not within the realm of the ERM department:

  • what makes and ERM program “enterprise-wide”
  • what components should be incorporated
  • compliance
  • business continuation
  • insurance
  • the integration of ERM with compliance, ethics, internal audit, insurance, and treasury
  • finding a home for ERM - how and why it’s done the way it is in other organizations

What do board members look for in ERM?

Find out what board members look for, and how they decide if they have the information they need and in a format they can use. Understand how board members assess ERM, and what provides the greatest value for them.

Private or public sector, listed or non-listed, regulated or non-regulated, every organization has stakeholders with varying levels of ERM experience and expectations. The perceived success of an ERM program may well depend on the practitioner’s understanding of those experiences and expectations. Knowing what to look for and how to adapt it increases the likelihood your ERM program will deliver value and contribute to your organization’s success.

Find out how to create and manage an ERM program that can adapt to change.

Risk management is not immune to the increasing speed and depth of change. ERM programs must first fit the organization, and then be able to adapt to meet its changing needs.

This event will feature experts with practical advice and tips on identifying and assessing the internal and external environment, and developing and evolving ERM programs to continue to meet the organization’s needs.

Gain insights from real life examples of ERM implementation and growth, and learn about new tools and techniques that will contribute to your program’s success. Be inspired by the innovators, and find out how you can get the most out of your ERM investment.

Participate in one of Canada’s top risk conferences.

Hundreds of risk leaders have participated in this conference since its inception. Consistent quality and timely assessments of the day’s top issues are what set it apart, and many delegates return each year to stay current and connected.

Learn from a wide range of knowledgeable speakers, and benefit from their insights and practical guidance on risk planning, customization, measurement, and delivery.

Building on success.

The Conference Board is Canada’s most respected independent research and conference development organization. Its events attract renowned public and private sector experts, and provide an insightful and enlightening learning experience for all participants.

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Full Agenda Available!

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