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4th Skills and Post-Secondary Education Summit 2016

Wednesday November 30 - Thursday December 1 2016 Toronto Downtown Marriott Eaton Centre Toronto, Ontario

Join Us for the Skills and PSE Summit 2016!
The Conference Board’s Centre for Skills and Post-Secondary Education (SPSE) invites you to join us for the 4th annual Skills and Post-Secondary Education Summit 2016 to explore strategies and actions needed to build and maintain a world class PSE system that supplies the highly skilled and educated workforce Canada needs!

Summit Overview

Your participation at this 2-day event will connect you with a wide variety of key stakeholders from across Canada to address the advanced skills, education, and competitiveness challenges facing Canada today. Canadian and international experts will lead interactive discussions to define key issues, identify strategic goals, and establish concrete actions to achieve the changes we need in Canada’s PSE system.

Summit Themes

This year’s Summit will focus on how best to implement effective change strategies to address Canadian skills and PSE challenges. The agenda will explore the following themes:

  • Implementing a Skills and Post-Secondary Education Strategy for Canada―How can we build and maintain a world class PSE system that supplies the highly skilled and educated workforce we need?
  • Exploring and Embracing Change―What potential structural and institutional changes are needed to improve our PSE system’s performance and effectiveness?
  • Learning from Success―What can we learn from regional and international successes in terms of skills and post-secondary education policies, programs and practices?
  • Engaging Employers in Skills Development―How can we better equip employers to build on the skills and education of the workforce and ensure they provide opportunities to grow and learn on the job?
  • Access and Equity―What actions are needed to ensure access and equity to post-secondary education and skills development opportunities in Canada?

Delegates discuss the issues during the 3rd Annual Skills and Post-Secondary Education Summit 2015 in Edmonton, AB.


As a participant, you will:

  • Gain insights from the Summit’s high-profile speakers who will share their novel perspectives on implementing skills and PSE strategies, engaging the key players to take action, building strategic partnerships, and tracking outcomes
  • Learn about the latest in skills and PSE programming as well as future directions from international and Canadian institutions and educators
  • Meet industry leaders to discuss and debate significant industry-related issues that affect your organization and the future of PSE
  • Share your best practices and insights with a broad range of PSE sector experts
  • Provide your input into the Skills and Post-Secondary Education Strategy for Canada, future research and activities of the Centre for Skills and Post-Secondary Education

Build Your Network

Connect with the key leaders and major industry players that can help you take your organization’s performance to the next level. Network, ask questions, and build relationships with expert speakers, business leaders and decision makers, government officials, civil society, and academics.


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The details of this event are subject to change. Please revisit this page periodically for updated information.