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Benefits and Disability Management 2014


Monday October 20 - Tuesday October 21 2014 • InterContinental Toronto Centre • Toronto, Ontario


Thursday November 20 2014 • Hyatt Regency Calgary •
Calgary, Alberta

Conference Overview

How much are disability and absenteeism costing your organization?

The incidence of chronic illness and illness-related absenteeism is growing as the population ages. In addition, increasing workplace stress adds to the likelihood people will take a “mental health day,” simply because they feel overwhelmed and underappreciated.

Meanwhile you’re under pressure to increase productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness, while reducing costs. Improving your attendance and disability management programs can help you meet your goals, and leading organizations realize that a healthy work environment, effective absenteeism and disability management programs, and a strategic approach to benefits administration can make a real difference.

We’ll capitalize on the Conference Board’s enlightening disability management and absenteeism research.

This research was one of the highlights of last year’s event, and we’re building on this learning with a series of insightful real life case studies based on the research.

We’ll focus on information that will help you make critical absenteeism and disability decisions, to help you balance cost and benefit, and ensure your organization is an attractive employer with an engaged and productive workforce.

Learn how make your programs as cost effective as possible, without compromising their value in the war for talent.

Many issues are making benefit management more complex than ever before:

  • the move to flexible benefits
  • complex reworking of retiree benefit programs
  • balancing increasing costs with the ongoing need to attract talent
  • guiding employees to make the best choices
  • integrating a wellness strategy into your benefits
  • addressing the needs of an aging workforce

Advice from the experts will guide you through the complexities of this changing landscape, including cost containment strategies, the use of return on investment (ROI) metrics to assess plans and program elements, and more.

Building on success.

The Conference Board is Canada’s most respected independent research and conference development organization. Conference Board events attract top private and public sector thought leaders and provide an insightful and enlightening learning experience for participants.


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2013 Events

Last year's Disability Management and Benefits 2013 events took place October 18-19, 2013 in Toronto at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, and November 15, 2013 in Calgary at the Hyatt Regency Calgary.

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