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Featured Speakers

Les Dakens

Les Dakens
Senior Vice-President and Chief Human Resource Officer, Maple Leaf Foods Inc.

Michelle E. DiEmanuele

Michelle E. DiEmanuele
President and Chief Executive Officer, The Credit Valley Hospital and Trillium Health Centre

Lorna Dueck

Lorna Dueck
President and Executive Producer, Context with Lorna Dueck

Barb Gray

Barb Gray
Senior Vice-President, Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness, PowerStream Inc.

Todd Hirsch

Todd Hirsch
Senior Economist, ATB Financial

Mary Silverthorn

Mary Silverthorn
Provincial Commander, Ontario Provincial Police

Conference Overview

A slow economy reduces engagement, at a time when engagement is more important than ever.

Employee engagement’s importance increases as the economy contracts. Individual employee performance is essential to navigate a slowdown, and it’s difficult to maintain engagement in tough times. Growing economic uncertainty will increase the differential between the few companies that deliver a great employee experience and the vast majority whose employees are more disengaged than ever.

Despite a great deal of focus on engagement in recent years, considerable issues remain. A Quantum Market Research study between Fall 2007 and Fall 2008 revealed that almost half of companies surveyed had reduced employee engagement scores, as measured by an employee’s willingness to put in extra discretionary effort for the good of the business, speak positively about the business to others, and stay loyal to the job.

How do we effectively engage employees in an atmosphere of uncertainty and insecurity?

What is the gap between what we say we’re doing for employee engagement and what we deliver? What are the obstacles to achieving the engagement we’re striving for? How do we know engagement strategies are effective, and can employee surveys measure success?

Are leaders aware of the reality of employee engagement and its impact on the customer experience?

A 2008 Bain Consulting study revealed that 81% of senior leaders believed their organization delivered superior customer service, yet only 8% of their customers agreed. This “customer service gap” suggests that most leaders are out of touch with their organization’s customer experience and the engagement of their front line employees.

Meet other HR professionals and learn from their experiences dealing with these challenges.

This event will feature engagement innovators sharing what they’ve learned, what’s worked, and what hasn’t. Listen to their practical advice on how to engage employees in challenging economic times, including:

  • a cross-functional view of employee engagement, and how other parts of the organization execute your engagement strategies
  • the Board of Directors’ role in employee engagement—as a key driver of success, engagement should be a focus of board attention
  • an angel investor and entrepreneur’s perspective on how employee engagement drives innovation and how you can create the conditions for success
  • how a broadcast production company CEO motivated and engaged young, unseasoned producers to achieve the innovation and creativity they needed to succeed
  • the link between health and safety and employee engagement

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Message from the Program Developer

Deborah Nixon

Engagement was identified as the greatest challenge for many delegates and speakers at the 2011 HR Summit, and this was before the latest economic uncertainty and tightening of public …

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The details of this event are subject to change. Please revisit this page periodically for updated information.

Full Agenda Available!

The full agenda for this event is now available.

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