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Problematic Substance Use and the Workplace

Thursday March 2 2017 Toronto Marriott Bloor Yorkville Toronto, Ontario Canada

Conference Overview

Substance use can have a huge impact on your people and organization—is your current strategy doing enough?

Substance abuse costs the Canadian economy an estimated $40 billion each year. What's more, substance use is linked to numerous workplace outcomes, including absenteeism, lost productivity, on-the-job accidents and injuries, and workplace violence and harassment.

Substance use, and its connection to workplace health, safety, and wellness, has received too little attention to date and employers are looking for answers to important questions.

Despite costing companies significant amounts of money and the negative impact, the issue continues to receive too little attention. While most organizations do have drug and alcohol policies in place it is important to regularly update these to ensure they are effectively and widely understood. For example, the Board’s research shows that a third of organizations with drug and alcohol support programs reported that they evaluated their effectiveness.

How will the anticipated legalization of marijuana impact your organization?

With the Liberal federal government committed to the legalization of marijuana, organizations need to prepare for the impact this may have on use. At the very least, you need to update your policy and set new parameters around marijuana use. You need to consider issues such as individual tolerances, signs of impairment, and educating employees on the effects of marijuana.

Benefit from the latest Board research on this important issue.

In September 2016 the Board published their latest research report on substance use, Problematic Substance Use and the Canadian Workplace. This briefing is the first of its kind to provide information on the frequency, types, and characteristics of existing drug and alcohol policies and programs among Canadian employers. Results are based on the findings of an online survey conducted by the Board in the spring of 2014. In total, 179 public and private sector organizations, spanning 13 industries, participated in the survey.

You will hear from the study’s authors about the policies and programs Canadian employers have developed and implemented to address problematic substance use in the workplace.

Join us for an in depth look at the state of problematic substance use and the best practices employers are using to address the issue.

This intensive one-day event will look at the latest practices in this critical area. Topics currently under consideration include:

  • Workplace substance use and related policy development
  • Quantifying the impact of problematic substance use
  • Medical marijuana and the workplace
  • Emerging drug patterns and trends
  • Drug testing in the workplace
  • Counseling for employees with substance use issues
  • Essentials of a comprehensive and effective workplace drug and alcohol policy
  • Risk management—ensuring you have the right level of oversight in place to match the risk
  • Training managers on identifying impairment and how to intervene
  • Human rights and other legal issues associated with problematic substance use
  • Encouraging employees to speak openly about problematic substance use in the workplace

Building on Success

The Conference Board is Canada’s most respected independent research and conference development organization. This event will attract top HR, Wellness, Health and Safety and Legal leaders, and provide an insightful and enlightening learning experience for conference participants.


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