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Financial Wellness and Retirement Readiness 2017

Monday January 23 - Tuesday January 24 2017 Toronto Marriott Downtown Eaton Centre Toronto, ON

Financial wellness has been a growing concern among financial professionals and HR managers over the past decade. Broadly categorized in two ways, financial wellness involves long-term planning issues taking into account, retirement, investments, insurance, education and estate issues and short-term planning issues such as day-to-day cash flow and debt management.

A recent article in The Globe & Mail entitled “Canadian household debt soars to yet another record” opened with this solemn warning:

“Canadians ended 2015 with a record-high debt burden, as low interest rates and still-soaring regional housing markets fueled the fastest year of household debt growth since 2011.”

When did employee financial wellness become an organizational issue?

In today’s economic climate, retirement is just one of the major issues affecting your employees. Skyrocketing hydro rates, the significant increase in the cost of food, education fees to name just a few of the factors contributing to financial stress. Employees’ financial concerns have become a significant focus for wellness practitioners who recognize that the situation has significant implications for employee health.

High debt, low growth, lack of savings—as more and more research is showing, financial stress translates into anxiety at work, leads to lower productivity, loss of engagement, and even absenteeism. In fact, several surveys have shown that for Canadian employees, financial issues are THE major source of stress in their lives. Once upon a time, organizations would simply provide a defined benefits pension plan for employees and not worry about how well each individual planned their finances. The employees, for their part, worked hard … safe in the knowledge that they had a secure retirement in their future. Those days, it seems, are long gone.

So as an employer, what is your role?

Join us as we explore these issues, and what you can do to ensure a financially healthy and more productive workplace.

This event will explore how you can integrate financial wellness into your wellness initiatives and will show the direct connection between improved financial literacy and overall wellness. We’ll discuss the role of pensions and benefits programs in financial wellness, and what steps you can take to proactively help your employees get a better handle on their own financial situation both at work, and at home.

Stated simply: if you are ignoring financial wellness, you are not offering a comprehensive wellness program to your employees.

Financial wellness is for all generations—it’s not just a retirement issue.

As far back as 2010, Forbes featured an article entitled “Financial Illiteracy is Killing Us” that highlighted the parlous state of financial knowledge among millennials. Since then the situation has gotten worse with increasing student debt, rocketing house prices, and sub-optimal employment opportunities for both recent grads and experienced workers.

In order to help your employees with financial wellness, you must ensure you target your efforts to the needs of those employees while remembering not to neglect the needs of different demographics. This event will show you how to promote financial wellness to all employers, whether Boomer, GenX or Millennial.

The government has a role to play.

This event will also explore the implications for governments. The now scrapped Ontario provincial pension plan, as well as efforts to expand the CPP at the national level, both clearly reflect recognition that our government has an important role to play in financial wellness. If you are involved in financial policy you will want to be part of this discussion.

But employers also need to step up.

Employers must recognize that while an expansion of CPP will help many employees, it won’t solve the underlying problem—there is a risk that employees will become complacent believing that the government has stepped in. On the contrary: CPP expansion means that as an employer, you need to take a more pro-active role, and step up efforts in promoting financial literacy. At this event you will learn why.

Experience and knowledge you can trust.

We’ve spent nearly a decade meeting with experts and discussing top issues at our annual Pensions Summits and Workplace Wellness and Mental Health Conferences. Our latest research in conjunction with your feedback has painted a clear picture: The issues affecting these two different fields are much more intertwined than anyone realized. As Canada’s most respected independent research and conference development organization, we are uniquely positioned to bring together timely research, top experts, and the practitioners who are facing this problem more and more each day.

Join us, as well as your peers from across the country as we explore Financial Wellness, and the solutions that will help Canadians prosper in the future.

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