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Meet the Team

Jean-Charles Le Vallée
Jean-Charles Le Vallée
Associate Director, Centre for Food in Canada

Dr. Jean-Charles Le Vallée is a fully bilingual Associate Director. At the CBoC, Dr. Le Vallée's research focuses on food. Over the last three years, he completed research on food safety, private and public food standards, produce consumption, the viability of the Canadian food economy, performance metrics for Canada's food system, food sustainability, trade, farming, supply management, and on the Canadian fisheries and aquaculture sector.

Prior to joining the Board in 2011, Dr. Le Vallée was a World Bank food economist. He also coordinated Canada's Food Security Bureau at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and managed the world's largest food security Internet community for the Development Gateway Foundation. He has extensive teaching and research experience with the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), the World Food Prize, and at numerous universities such as Cornell, Laval, Michigan State, Ottawa, and Ryerson. Jean-Charles is the author of a book on food system resilience and has published numerous journal articles, book chapters, and policy briefs on food issues.

Melissa Lalonde
Melissa Lalonde
Research Associate II, Centre for Food in Canada

Melissa Lalonde is a Research Associate in the Centre for Food in Canada. Since joining CBoC in 2013, Melissa has worked extensively in the areas of Food and Skills and Post-Secondary Education. Melissa worked to design the agendas for the 3rd Canadian Food Summit 2014, and 4th Annual Canadian Food & Drink Summit 2015. Melissa has conducted qualitative and quantitative research studies for the Conference Board, with experience including statistical analysis, interviews, and in-depth literature reviews. Prior to her time at the Conference Board, Melissa worked as a Legislative Assistant to a veteran Ottawa City Councilor at the City of Ottawa.

Melissa attended the University of Toronto's Trinity College from 2007-2001, and specialized in American and Classical History, receiving an Honours Bachelor of Arts. She continued on to complete a Master of Arts in History at the University of Regina, studying from 2011-2012. She published a thesis entitled, National Security Crises and the Expanding American Presidency.

Cameron MacLaine
Cameron MacLaine
Research Associate II, Centre for Food in Canada

Cameron MacLaine is a Research Associate in the Centre for Food. Since joining the Conference Board in 2013, Cameron has completed qualitative and quantitative research for the Centre for Food in Canada (CFIC), the Centre for Skills and Post-Secondary Education (SPSE), and the Centre for Business Innovation (CBI), in addition to custom research projects.

Research projects at the Conference Board include labour market information (LMI) studies on the agriculture and advanced wood manufacturing sectors, and a custom project on skills needs in British Columbia, where Cameron designed, managed, and analyzed online surveys; conducted key informant interviews; synthesized results; and developed recommendations. Cameron's additional skills-based research experience includes studies on apprenticeship systems in Canada and Germany, as well as a study on the role and value of private career colleges in Canada.

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Upcoming Events

6th Canadian Food & Drink Summit
December 5–6, 2017, Calgary, AB
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Previous Summit Agendas

5th Canadian Food & Drink Summit
November 28–29, 2016, Toronto, ON

4th Canadian Food & Drink Summit
October 26–27, 2015, Toronto, ON

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