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Centre for Food in Canada (CFIC)

Food impacts Canadians in an extraordinary range of ways. It affects our lives, our health, our jobs, our environment, and our economy. The Conference Board of Canada launched the Centre for Food in Canada (CFIC) in 2010 to address issues facing food in our country today and in the future.

The Centre is an evidence-based, independent source of advanced performance monitoring and reporting, advisory and research services, food strategy engagement, and communications outreach. It aims to:

  • raise public awareness of the nature and importance of the food sector in Canada’s economy and society;
  • articulate and promote a shared vision for the future of food in Canada—the 2014 Canadian Food Strategy—that meets our country’s need for a coordinated, long-term strategy for change;
  • track and report on Canada’s national food performance and progress on implementing the Canadian Food Strategy;
  • conduct advanced research on new and emerging issues related to food and the food sector to sustain the empirical basis for planning and action;
  • provide opportunities for dialogue and collaboration among food and non-food-related stakeholders to promote and facilitate change.

The Centre works closely with leaders and partners from Canada’s food sector, governments, educational institutions, and other organizations to achieve its goals. The work also involves a combination of research and effective communications to stimulate public understanding of the significance of the food sector and spur the demand for collaborative action.

What’s New

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Upcoming Events

Canadian Food and Drink Summit 2015
October 26–27, 2015 in Toronto, ON

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