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The Canadian Alliance for Sustainable Health Care (CASHC)

The Canadian Alliance for Sustainable Health Care (CASHC) was created to respond to the reality that Canada’s current public health care system is fiscally unsustainable. With health care costs now consuming more than 40 per cent of all provincial government expenditures—a number that will soar as the years tick by—the fact is that we will not be able to preserve, let alone improve, the quality of our health care without major reforms.

Under this program, The Conference Board of Canada researches and analyzes the full range of issues, and options for solutions, for both governments and employers. This dual focus sets this initiative apart from other health care research, as does its scope. The research framework includes health care systemic challenges, as well as challenges related to institutional and professional competencies, and to governance. We leverage the quantitative analysis skills of our economic and forecast analysis team, together with the organizational performance and public policy expertise in other divisions of the Conference Board.

What’s New

Moving Ahead: The Economic Impact of Reducing Physical Inactivity and Sedentary Behaviour, October 2014

It’s not enough to be physically active. Limiting the number of waking hours spent in a sedentary state is also important. This briefing finds that even a modest improvement can yield tangible benefits to individuals, employers, and government

Moving Ahead: Making the Case for Healthy Active Living in Canada, October 2014

This is the first in a series of briefings that aim to identify cost-effective, scalable, and sustainable interventions to promote and improve healthy active living among Canadians.

Defining Health and Health Care Sustainability, July 2014

Canadian health care costs are soaring and major reforms are needed to preserve and improve the quality of health care. This report develops a sustainability framework with guiding principles and key factors deemed essential to support sustainable health care.

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