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CanCompete: Competitiveness for Sustainable Prosperity

Launched in October 2007, The Conference Board of Canada established the CanCompete initiative to build on the seven strategies presented in the Conference Board’s report Mission Possible: Sustainable Prosperity for Canada. This project was established in order to:

  • advance Canada on a path of national competitiveness through in-depth research and multi-stakeholder engagement on five of the seven strategies presented in Mission Possible: Sustainable Prosperity for Canada; and
  • help build a National Competitiveness Action Plan that will give firms and governments a common road map for collaborating to achieve their competitiveness goals.

Canada faces huge competitiveness challenges that threaten the long-term sustainability of our economic success. It also faces important social and environmental challenges that must be addressed to ensure our sustainable prosperity.

In Mission Possible, the culmination of The Canada Project, the Conference Board presented a national diagnostic that pinpointed our great competitive challenges and opportunities, and set out seven major strategies as a framework for change.

The Conference Board has established CanCompete to make progress on implementation. CanCompete's approach is to tackle the five strategies where we think we have the highest impact by creating a structure built around five new Centres, each focusing on one of the strategies.

  1. Centre on Productivity—(CP)
  2. Centre on Regulation—(CR)
  3. Centre on the Future Workforce—(CFW)
  4. Centre on Infrastructure—(CI)
  5. International Trade and Investment Centre—(ITIC)

CanCompete actively engages private and public sector leaders in setting national policy direction. More than 27 companies and organizations have invested in the projects, providing invaluable financial, leadership and knowledge support.