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The Canada Project

The Canada Project—a multi-year program of research and dialogue designed to help leading decision-makers chart a policy course to improve Canada’s standard of living and position within North America and the world—is now complete. Its ground-breaking final report, a four-volume compendium of the research results and recommendations entitled Mission Possible: Sustainable Prosperity for Canada, was released in January 2007.

Spearheaded by the Conference Board and launched in January 2003, The Canada Project was a unique combination of research and dialogue designed to actively engage private and public leaders in setting national policy direction. More than 40 companies and organizations invested in the project, providing invaluable financial, leadership and knowledge support.


All Canada Project reports are available to download at no charge by registering at our e-library. Simply click on the report title to be directed to the registration page.

The Canada Project Progress Report 2007: The Roads Not Travelled, April 2008
In January 2007, The Conference Board of Canada released the final report of The Canada Project, Mission Possible: Sustainable Prosperity for Canada. The current report provides updates on the progress of the broad directions that public policy took during 2007, giving readers a sense of the extent to which the commitments, interests, and agendas of governments, policy-makers, and leaders at all levels are taking Canada in a positive direction as measured against the yardstick of sustainable prosperity. We assessed progress in five strategy areas: embrace competitiveness and productivity; rethink the workforce; adopt a coherent international strategy for trade, investment, and foreign relations; renew resource industries; and give Canada's major cities the resources they need to succeed. We tested the soundness of our assessments by consulting 13 outside experts, and invited them to rate the 21 sub-strategies we had examined, based on their considered judgment of the progress made in 2007.

Mission Possible: Successful Canadian Cities
January 2007, Source: The Conference Board of Canada, 140 pages

Mission Possible: A Canadian Resources Strategy for the Boom and Beyond
January 2007, Source: The Conference Board of Canada, 144 pages

Mission Possible: Stellar Canadian Performance in the Global Economy
Special Report by Glen Hodgson, Anne Park Shannon
January 2007

Mission Possible Executive Summary: Sustainable Prosperity for Canada
February 2007, Source: The Conference Board of Canada, 76 pages

Canada Project