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Accessibility Audit 101: Design for Diversity and Equality

May 31, 2017 at 2 PM ET

2.2 million Canadians, or 7 per cent of the working age population, currently have mobility challenges. 

Many of these individuals face challenges in their ability to fully participate in labour markets. Through the lens of the Rick Hansen Accessibility Certification program, Jenny Blome, Accessibility Specialist, will discuss ways to increase accessibility of exterior and internal business spaces including parking, pathways, entrances, illumination, acoustics, seating, service counters, workstations, circulation, sanitary facilities, signage and emergency systems. From big to small, there are many modifications we can make to our existing facilities to increase accessibility. 

At the end of this 60-minute webinar, participants will walk away with an idea of meaningful access that goes beyond technical accessibility to true inclusion.

About Jenny.

Jenny has over a decade of experience in project management and as a technology design expert working with innovative companies such as Apple. Her qualifications include a BSc from the LEEDs School of Business, University of Colorado, and Certification in Universal Design from University of Buffalo. She led a team effort to create the first rating survey to support the Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification program. Jenny is grateful for the opportunity to positively impact how environments are designed to best meet the needs of all people who wish to use it. She is inspired by the vision set forth by the team in which inclusively designed environments make good business sense, promotes equality and makes life easier and safer for everyone.

Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification

Upcoming Industry Events and Webinars

We are happy to share a curated selection of events on Accessibility Practices for employers in Canada.

2017 EARN Annual Conference: Strengthening Your Workforce Through Diversity and Inclusion
Tuesday, June 6, 2017 from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa, ON.

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Past Webinars

  • Ask the Experts (March 2017)
    • Webinar Transcript
    • Note: to access this webinar, you will need to enter your name, organization and email.
  • Accommodating Employees with Non-visible Disabilities in the Workplace: Best Practices for Employers (This webinar will be available shortly.)
    • Webinar Transcript
    • Presented by Dr. Izabela Z. Schultz, Registered Psychologist and Coordinator, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselling, University of British Columbia
    • Note: to access this webinar, you will need to enter your name, organization and email.
  • Accessibility at Work: The Business Case for Inclusive Workplaces
    • Alicia Cameron and Ruth Wright both from The Conference Board of Canada
  • Ask the Experts (March 2016)
    • Note: This link will bring you to the audio recording and transcript.

Recorded Workshops

Watch videotaped presentations from our workshop series, “Making Employment Practices More Accessible in Ontario.” The presentations outline the business case for accessibility and showcase policies and good practices that our presenters have implemented to make their workplaces inclusive for people with disabilities.

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For any questions regarding compliance or legislation, please contact the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario.

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