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Michael Bloom

Michael Bloom Michael Bloom
Vice-President, Industry and Business Strategy

Dr. Michael Bloom, Vice-President, Industry and Business Strategy at The Conference Board of Canada, is responsible for managing five research groups: Industry and Business Strategy Research; Education, Health & Immigration Programs; Organizational Excellence; Governance and Sustainable Enterprise; and the Directors College. He oversees funded research projects at the Conference Board and has management responsibility for nineteen executive networks.

Corporately, Michael is leading a major three-year Conference Board research initiative, The Centre for Food in Canada, which is developing a vision, framework and core plan for a National Food Strategy. He is also leading the Centre for Business Innovation whose goal is to bring about major improvements in firm-level business innovation in Canada as a cornerstone of improved national competitiveness and prosperity. Previously, he led CanCompete, a flagship Conference Board research initiative whose 25 studies explored strategies for enhancing Canada’s sustainable competitiveness.

Recent major research projects under his direction and studies authored by him include: Governing Food: Policies, Laws and Regulations for Food in Canada (2011); Saskatchewan in the Spotlight: Acquisition of Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc.—Risks and Opportunities (2010); Navigating Through the Storm: Leaders and the World of Work in 2020 (2010); Building From the Ground Up: Enhancing Affordable Housing in Canada (2010); Healthy People, Healthy Performance, Healthy Profits: The Case for Business Action on the Socio-Economic Determinants of Health (2009); Turning Green Into Gold: Green Marketing for Profit (2009); Learning and Development Outlook 2009 (2009); “Hollowing Out”: Myth and Reality: Corporate Takeovers in an Age of Transformation (2008).

Other projects include: How Canada PerformsEducation and Skills Chapter; Canada Partner—The Global Competitiveness Report; 2011 Annual Report Card on the State of Board Diversity; Sector Council Research Project; Socio-Economic Benefits of Sport Participation in Canada; and the Public Works and Government Services Procurement Project. He also oversaw development of the Innovation Skills Profile, the General Innovation Skills Aptitude Test (GISAT), and the Skills Credentialing Tool.

Dr. Bloom speaks on human capital, work and workplaces, education trends, innovation and productivity, immigration, health, organizational effectiveness, food policy, credentialing, skills, learning and development, and international benchmarks.

Dr. Bloom is a graduate of the University of Oxford (DPhil) and Carleton University (BA, MA).