Healthy Brains at Work—The Impact of Workplace Mental Health Initiatives

The Conference Board of Canada, November 23, 2016
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No one, and no workplace, is immune to mental illness.

And as research continues to show, poor mental health can negatively impact an individual’s health, well-being, and productivity. Organizations that pay attention to the mental health and wellness of their employees are likely to realize significant benefits through a healthier, more productive workforce. How does your organization fare?

Join us for this third briefing in our Healthy Brains at Work research series, as we explore the potential impact of improving outcomes for working Canadians living with mental illness. We also explore the potential impact of improving outcomes for Canadians whose symptoms prevent them from entering the workforce. In this 60-minute session, Conference Board researcher Greg Sutherland will present original research on the potential impact of poor mental health on the Canadian economy.

Webinar Highlights

Greg will explore how improved treatments and supports for depression could potentially boost Canada’s economy by up to $32.3 billion a year, while improved treatments and supports for anxiety could boost the economy up to $17.3 billion a year. Greg will also discuss what more could be done to ensure that Canadians living with mental illness have the supports they need through effective workplace policies, programs and training. During this webinar, you’ll hear about:

  • The state of mental illness in the workplace: Where we are, and how far we’ve come
  • The impact of mental illness on workplace functionality and performance
  • The demographics of mental illness: breakdowns by age, sex, and other factors
  • The prevalence of mental illness within certain industries and the growing need for mental health care within these vulnerable groups
  • The significant benefits of addressing mental health issues before they become serious problems

About Greg

Photo of Greg SutherlandGreg joined The Conference Board of Canada in 2002, and is currently a Principal Economist in the Health Economics division. Greg’s role is to provide quantitative analysis of the sustainability of the Canadian health care system, as well as provide economic analysis for all projects undertaken by the Health Economics division. Greg recently worked in the Centre for Municipal Studies, forecasting the economies of several census metropolitan areas in Canada. He was also involved in several custom economic and fiscal projects. While in the Centre for Municipal Studies, Greg’s expertise focused on developing provincial, industrial, and regional forecasts while is now being applied to health economics. Greg previously worked for Enbridge Consumers Gas and General Motors Defense. Since coming to the Board in 2002, he has been featured frequently in the media. Greg obtained his M.A. in economics from McMaster University during which time he did an internship at Industry Canada.

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