Workplace Bullying Primer: What It Is and How to Deal With It

The Conference Board of Canada, September 15, 2014
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Bullying has grown up, moving out of the schoolyard and into the workplace. There are organizational and individual costs, negatively affecting the effectiveness and the image of the corporation.

Webinar Highlights

This 60-minute recorded webinar is devoted to the discussion of bullying in the workplace. Moderated by Ruth Wright, Director of Leadership and Human Resources Research, in this session, Ruth McKay and Jae Fratzl explore the prevalence and root causes of bullying in the workplace and offer some foundational tools that organizations can use to proactively address workplace bullying.

About Ruth

Photo of Ruth McKayRuth McKay is an Associate Professor at Carleton University in the Sprott School of Business in the area of management and strategy. She teaches courses in organizational theory and business and environmental sustainability. Her research interests include workplace bullying, the natural environment, ethics and international management. In examining workplace bullying she is particularly interested in the influence of organizational structure on employee success in addressing interpersonal conflict. Ruth also consults in the area of workplace bullying.

About Jae

Photo of Jae FratzlJae Fratzl, M.A., A.T.R. is a Registered Art Therapist through the Art Therapy Credentials Board, a Professional Member of the Canadian Art Therapy Association and runs her own counselling practice. One aspect of the practice provides support for employees through employee assistance programs. She works with adults and children with mental health and addiction issues, life circumstance concerns, and trauma. She also consults and publishes in the area of workplace bullying.

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