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How and When to Engage People in Collaborative and Creative Problem Solving

The Conference Board of Canada, June 19, 2018 at 11:00 AM EDT
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Humans are creative problem solvers by nature. Every day we solve new problems, meet new challenges and pursue new opportunities. To do that, we tap into our creativity—our own unique blend of vision and curiosity, realism and imagination, analysis and action. When we do this by tapping into a diversity of input in addition to our own creativity, the results can be exponential.

Our challenge, however, is knowing when and how to engage others in collaborative and creative problem solving so that together, we can achieve innovative and optimum results.

Webinar Highlights

The webinar will discuss how to:

  • Recognize when collaboration is most beneficial and when creativity is most needed.
  • Distinguish between the need for collaboration and the need for consensus.
  • Know when you need people to engage in creative thinking vs. critical thinking.
  • Create the opportunity and environment necessary for productive collaboration and creative thinking.
  • Know who to engage in what stage of a project and with what purpose in order to maximize the chances of finding a successful solution to any problem.
  • Discover how the 4C’s of Creativity can increase your own and your team’s innovation abilities.

Each participant will receive a downloadable job aid designed to help them determine where they need collaboration and where they need creativity. This is an interactive webinar in which you will be invited to become an active learner by taking your own notes, by testing yourself and by completing small exercises at your desk.

Who’s the webinar for?

This webinar is for team leaders, managers, directors and anyone who needs to find novel solutions, opportunities to innovate or ways to engage others in a collaborative process or project.

About Ginny

Photo of Ginny SantosGinny Santos is the Founder and Collaboration Leader at NeOlé Consulting, focused on engagement, empowerment and innovation. Ginny is also Co-founder of Flip University, which is turning online education on its head. In addition, she is an Associate Professor at Wilfred Laurier University, where she teaches creativity and innovation to MBA students. She has a Master’s of Science in Creative Leadership and Innovation from the International Center for Studies in Creativity, State University of New York. Ginny’s practice incorporates various methodologies and tools, including: Creative Problem Solving (CPS), Design Thinking, Productive Thinking, 4-MAT, Stormz, Emotional Intelligence and FourSight.

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Register for this Webinar

Price: $149.00 (CAD)
Registration includes access to the live webinar, and access to the recording for your entire organization.

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