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  • Canada’s Openness Advantage in the Age of TrumpThe Globe and Mail, December 2016
  • What Canada’s trade strategy should look like under Trump, Maclean’s, December 2016
  • TPP is dead, so what is Canada’s Plan B for trade?, The Globe and Mail, November 2016
  • Will the Canadian Economy Get Trumped?, November 2016
  • Canada and South Korea must step up if free-trade agreement is to flourishThe Globe and Mail, November 2016
  • Defining Canada’s place in an era of digital globalization, The Globe and Mail, November 2016
  • Behind CETA’s headlines: What Canadians need to know about the deal and what’s at stakeThe National PostOctober 2016
  • Deal reached to back EU-Canada free trade dealInterview, CTV NewsOctober 2016
  • CETA talks fall apart amid last-ditch effort to save trade deal, Interview, Global News, October 2016
  • The BRICs Have Cracked, The Globe and Mail, October 2016
  • The end of globalization? Not so fast, The Globe and Mail, September 2016
  • Brexit will affect Canada’s trade with Britain but how?, The Globe and Mail, August 2016
  • Canada’s new thinking must focus on technology, talent and trade, The Globe and Mail, July 2016
  • Closer economic ties to Mexico, U.S. needed to fuel growth in Canada, The Globe and Mail, June 2016
  • Is Canada ready for free trade with Europe?, The Globe and Mail, May 2016
  • Low loonie is a shot in the arm for these five manufacturing sectors, The Globe and Mail, April 2016
  • Exportations aux États-Unis: le manufacturier canadien mal positionné, TVA Nouvelles, February 2016
  • Le secteur manufacturier en perte de vitesse, Canoe, February 2016
  • These Will Be The Winners And Losers In Canada's Post-Oil Crash Economy, Huffington Post, February 2016
  • Many Canadian exporters not ready for shifting trade patterns, The Globe and Mail, February 2016
  • Canada’s manufacturers can make the most of the U.S. recovery, Canadian business, February 2016
  • There is an upside to Canada's downward dollar, The Globe and Mail, January 2016
  • Five trade game changers for Canada in 2016, BNN interview, January, 2016
  • Five Trade Game Changers for Canada in 2016, Canadian Buainess, January, 2016
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