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About the Global Commerce Centre


The Global Commerce Centre aims to help Canadian leaders understand global economic shifts and their practical implications. The Centre has published more than 50 innovative reports, which have been widely read by business leaders and government officials. We use a variety of channels (including media, published reports, commentaries, blogs, webinars, and in-person presentations) to inform policy-makers, business leaders, and the public about what changes in the global environment mean for Canadian business and government strategies.

We draw on the Conference Board's established capacity in economic analysis to provide evidence-based tools and strategies for Canadian companies to succeed in global markets; and for governments to establish sound, effective, related public policies. The Centre makes recommendations for policy reform and strategies for success, based on sound analysis and independent evidence. The Centre’s private and public sector members also meet regularly to hear new research, policy and business insights.

GCC Brochure

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“The Interactive Trade Forecast resource exceeded my expectations and allowed me to draw on key trends for a presentation to Japanese business executives.”

—Guy Poirier, Director, Research and Analysis, Ontario Ministry of Economic Development,
Employment and Infrastructure