Rewarding the Board: Findings From The 21st Canadian Directors Compensation Practices Report

The Conference Board of Canada, May 9, 2016
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In its fourth decade of publication, the Canadian Directors' Compensation Practices report analyzes and explores data from over 240 publicly traded Canadian organizations. Our researchers summarize this wealth of data to provide key insights on board composition such as director independence, tenure and board diversity, and board compensation practices. This information is an invaluable resource for Canadian organizations looking to benchmark:

  • Composition of the board (including diversity)
  • Board practices (size, meetings, board evaluation, director terms, tenure and turnover)
  • Compensation for regular board service
  • Use of equity as compensation
  • Committee service
  • Additional compensation for board leadership (chairpersons and lead directors)
  • Cost of running a board of directors

Join us for this special webinar as we explore the findings of the report, and provide you with the information you need to benchmark your board's practices and compensation levels. Compensation information will include breakdowns of type of compensation (annual retainer, meeting fees, and equity-based), as well as committee member and board chair compensation. You’ll also hear how director compensation levels continue to increase; however, this increase comes with greater demands and workload for directors, and demonstrates the increased professionalization of the director role on Canadian boards.

Webinar Highlights

This webinar will address questions such as:

  • How are organizations rewarding their directors, and how do compensation practices vary by organization size and industry?
  • How are committee members, board chairs, and lead directors compensated?
  • How do Canadian publicly traded organizations fare in terms of board diversity, and what can be done to increase diversity on boards?
  • What are some recent trends in board composition and compensation, and what does this mean for Canadian boards of directors?

About Lynn

Photo of Lynn StoudtLynn Stoudt is the Vice-President of Leadership and Human Resources Research at The Conference Board of Canada. Lynn specializes in human resources strategy and effectiveness, talent management and compensation strategy.

About Michael

Photo of Michael BassettMichael Bassett is the Associate Director of the Governance and Corporate Responsibility Division of The Conference Board of Canada. Michael leads the Conference Board's research work on governance, CSR and ethics. In addition to his research role, he has managed the Conference Board's Council for Excellence in Canadian Crown Corporations and Corporate Ethics Management Council.

About Monica

Photo of Monica HaberlMonica Haberl is a Research Associate and Network Manager with the Leadership and Human Resources Division of the Conference Board of Canada. She currently works with the Compensation Research Centre and the Council for Industrial Relations Executives. She has completed research in a variety of areas including compensation, industrial relations, corporate governance, talent management, leadership and engagement. Monica worked in the private sector before joining the Conference Board in 2015.

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