Healthy Brains at Work: Addressing Mental Health in the Workplace

The Conference Board of Canada, February 6, 2018
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The final briefing in the Healthy Brains at Work research series explores the conditions that support addressing mental health and depression in the workplace and presents a scenario where mental health supports are optimized among working Canadians.

Building on the research throughout this project, this session highlights key findings from the research series to date and explores the conditions that support healthy brains in the workplace.

Webinar Highlights

In this 60-minute recorded webinar, Greg Sutherland presents research findings on:

  • How some employers are exploring ways to innovate in the programs and benefits they offer;
  • An incremental improvement in functionality for those living with depression and/or anxiety produces significant improvements for Canada’s economy;
  • Optimal treatment can improve workplace functionality, and reduce the number of hospitalizations due to depression.
  • Effective mental health strategies must be accessible at an early age, provide effective supports and address gaps for those in precarious employment.

About Greg

Photo of Greg SutherlandGreg Sutherland joined The Conference Board of Canada in 2002, and is currently a Principal Economist in the Canadian Alliance for Sustainable Health Care. Greg’s role is to provide quantitative analysis of the sustainability of the Canadian health care system, as well as provide economic analysis for all projects undertaken by the Canadian Alliance for Sustainable Health Care.

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