Keeping the Faith: Customer Experience Management during a Recession

The Conference Board, Inc., March 9, 2009
Recorded Webinar
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This webcast will discuss ways to mediate pressures to reduce investment in customer experience.

Webinar Highlights

All over the world, organizations are rapidly reacting to the worsening global economy. In many cases, these activities lean towards cost cutting with inevitable negative impacts on customer experience. Leading organizations, however, are recognizing that there's almost nothing we knew about customer experience six months ago that applies today. In fact, smart professionals are taking a giant step back, re-assessing their markets and consumer bases, and preparing their organizations to strengthen customer experience despite the harsh economic environment.

This webcast will discuss ways to:

  • Mediate pressures to reduce investment in customer experience.
  • Capture market share as competitors make customer experience errors.
  • Focus limited resources on those customer experience areas that will matter most.


  • Marc Thrum, Global Director, Customer Experience Product Quality, Whirlpool
  • David Williams, Senior Manager, Customer Experience & Innovation, Allstate Insurance
  • Larry Crosby, Ph.D., Chief Loyalty Architect, Synovate Customer Experience


  • Kateri Drexler, Program Director, The Conference Board
  • John Carroll, Senior Vice President, Synovate Customer Experience

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