Business Leaders’ Perspectives: The Most Problematic Factors for Doing Business in Canada

The Conference Board of Canada, 12 pages, July 9, 2013
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This briefing presents the factors that Canadian business leaders have identified as most problematic for doing business in Canada. The top five factors are discussed, and the Canadian results are compared with those in eleven comparator countries.

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This briefing examines data from the World Economic Forum’s Executive Opinion Survey. Specifically, the document presents Canadian business leaders’ perspectives on the most problematic factors for doing business in Canada. The top factors identified were inefficient government bureaucracy, insufficient capacity to innovate, access to financing, inadequately educated workforce, tax rates, and tax regulations. These factors are discussed in detail, and the Canadian business leaders’ survey responses are compared with those in eleven comparator countries. The factors identified as most problematic point to areas where Canada and its business leaders may be able to improve the country’s business environment and global competitiveness. In conclusion, the briefing notes that two of the top three factors are linked to Canada’s poor innovation capacity.

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