Supporting Indigenous Students: Improving PSE Completion Rates for At Risk Youth

The Conference Board of Canada, September 15, 2016
Recorded Webinar
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Indigenous students need more support.

Post-secondary education completion rates among Canadian Indigenous students are among the lowest in the country, highlighting the need for focused support from government, communities and educational institutions. However, without a proper strategy and solid support structures in place, well-meaning initiatives run the risk of failing before they even begin. So where can we start?

Northern Lakes College in Slave Lake, Alberta has spearheaded some necessary and innovative steps to support at-risk Indigenous students. Building a strategy on their values of Community, Respect, Accessibility, Collaboration, Excellence and Lifelong Learning, initiatives include employing several key support initiatives and connecting students to learning in their home communities.

During this 60 minute presentation, Michelle Mitchell will discuss the strategies Northern Lakes College has taken to support at-risk Indigenous students. Michelle will explore how through extensive use of distance learning and wrap-around services for each community, as well as ongoing communication with Community Education Councils, Northern Lakes is able to provide the support necessary to enable at risk students to be successful in an increasingly competitive world.

Webinar Highlights

Specific topics of discussion will include:

  • An Overview of key initiatives to support indigenous learners at a distance
  • The perceived “Distance” and technology gap and why they do not have to be a barrier
  • Why community and relationships are paramount to student success

About Michelle

Photo of Michell Mitchell

Michelle Mitchell Chair, Centre for Teaching and Learning Northern Lakes College, Slave Lake Campus

Michelle currently works at Northern Lakes College as Chair in the Centre for Teaching and Learning. She holds a Masters in Education in Educational Leadership from the University of Calgary, and Bachelors of Arts and Education degrees from Memorial University of Newfoundland. Michelle has a passion for teaching and learning, and a desire to support education in the north. Michelle has worked at Northern Lakes College for ten years, after spending seven years teaching high school.

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