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Innovation Measurement and Management Program (IMMP)

Want to extract higher value from your innovation efforts? Need to enhance your competitive position in the market? Unsure how to develop an internal “culture of innovation”?

The Conference Board of Canada’s Innovation Measurement and Management Program (IMMP) provides the foundation necessary to manage business innovation comprehensively, competitively, and methodically.

Innovate to address your real-world competitive challenges and enhance your market performance. The IMMP will give you the skills, knowledge, and tools to:

  • Use competitive analyses to determine appropriate innovation strategies;
  • Develop your corporate culture and capacity to innovate fast to reach markets for first-mover advantage;
  • Manage innovation as a coherent investment portfolio;
  • Use performance metrics to demonstrate ROI and support sound investment decisions that sustain your innovation activities;
  • Nimbly adjust your innovation activities in a timely manner to get ahead of the market.

Companies of all sizes and in all sectors can profit by learning and applying effective methodologies for metrics-based firm-level innovation management. The IMMP will show you how to use up-to-date techniques and tools to direct and drive your innovation activities to where and how the greatest value can be reaped in support of your own business goals and innovation strategies.

Program graduates will take away insights, supportive relationships with a network of innovation experts and executives, and a customized innovation measurement portfolio for immediate use in strong and effective innovation management.

The IMMP draws on years of applied research, senior executive experience, practical in-field lessons learned, domestic and international benchmarking, and a team of expert instructors.

Who Should Attend

  • Executives and senior and middle managers working in large or mid-size companies looking to manage innovation.
  • Entrepreneurs wanting to start their own business or develop an early-stage company.
  • Owners and managers of small or mid-size companies seeking to grow their business.
  • Investors, analysts, incubators, and accelerators wanting to maximize their ROIs.
  • Consultants, graduate students, and professors seeking innovation measurement tools and techniques.


For Your Firm

  • Accelerate company growth, enhance your competitiveness, and improve your ability to manage innovation.
  • Acquire advanced tools and methodologies for effective firm-level innovation measurement.
  • Use competitive analyses to determine appropriate innovation strategies and develop winning business models.
  • Learn how to integrate risk management and HR management policies for higher ROI.

For You

  • Accelerate your personal understanding of the best practices in innovation management.
  • Learn how to become a corporate innovation champion who can create a strong culture of innovation.
  • Acquire practical measurement tools and techniques to improve your firm’s and your team’s innovation performance.
  • Connect to a network of highly motivated organization management and innovation specialists who can help you succeed today and in the future.

Program Features

The Innovation Measurement and Management Program’s four modules are covered in one day in a highly focused, interactive environment conducive to innovative and independent thinking. Each module enables participants to:

  • Learn concepts and best practices from expert innovation thinkers and practitioners;
  • Discover what leading companies are doing today from experienced CEOs and chairs;
  • Acquire practical tools and methodologies for effective firm-level innovation measurement;
  • Apply this knowledge immediately in behavioural sessions and case study-based simulations.

This course is based on empirically proven engineering methodologies and is designed to deliver advanced training in metrics-based processes and effective innovation management tools through participant engagement in hands-on learning practices. Each module features:

  • Expert lectures;
  • Case study-based simulations;
  • Interactive group discussions;
  • Team-based exercises.

Dates and Locations

Vancouver, BC
Venue TBA

Tuesday, November 10

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Toronto, ON
Old Mill
21 Old Mill Rd.
Toronto, ON M8X 1G5

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

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Calgary, AB
Venue TBA
Thursday, November 12

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Montréal, QC 
Fairmont Le Reine Elizabeth
900 Boulevard René-Lévesque Ouest
Montreal, QC H3B 4A5
Tuesday, November 17, 2015
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Photo of Bruce Good Bruce Good
Executive Director, Centre for Business Innovation
The Conference Board of Canada
  Photo of Sorin Cohn Sorin Cohn
Leader, Innovation Metrics, Centre for Business Innovation
The Conference Board of Canada

Program Topics

Measuring and managing innovation should not be considered and treated as goals in themselves, but as the means to the goal—the relevance, competitiveness, and success of the organization is the true goal.

Program topics include:

  • Understanding business models and competitive imperatives;
  • Innovation risk management—balancing innovation risk and reward;
  • Using metrics to manage innovation;
  • Nurturing a corporate culture of innovation/entrepreneurship aligned with business goals;
  • Timely, flexible management of corporate innovation processes.

Course Outline

DAY 1 (AM): Designing and Developing Your Innovation Strategy
1. Innovation in Your Company (0.25 day)   2. Your Competitive Imperatives and the Innovation Portfolio (0.25 day)
  • Competitiveness, lifecycle stages, and business innovation
  • Leadership: vision, goals, and competitive will
  • Business models and innovation strategies
  • Exercise 1: “your” business models and present innovation focus (selected company)
  • Competitive imperatives
  • Challenges, innovation targets, and the innovation portfolio
  • Resourcing for innovation success: funding, people, organization, processes
  • Collaboration in your ecosystem
  • Exercise 2: “your” competitive imperatives, proposed portfolio, required skills and partners
DAY 1 (PM): Measuring and Managing Your Innovation Strategy
3. Organizing and Executing Your Innovation Portfolio (0.25 day) 4. Nurturing a Culture of Innovation and Review (0.25 day)
  • Organizing your innovation portfolio
  • Identifying and leveraging metrics for success
  • Executing, reviewing, and adjusting your innovation portfolio
  • Exercise 3: “your” portfolio metrics and funding innovation projects
  • Nurturing a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Risk and innovation management and rewards
  • Summary and review
  • Exercise 4: “your” system for innovation training and incentives

Course Methodology

The teaching and learning process is designed to fully engage the participant through highly interactive dialogue, behavioural exercises, and simulations.

The IMMP course is based on clear concepts and learning points (4 modules in one day), illustrated throughout the lectures with practical case study examples, applications, and exercises.

The skills of leadership, team dynamics, communication, and compelling articulation will be practised in the classroom.


This is an advanced course (MBA and Executive Development level) targeted to practicing professionals.

Participants should have a university or college degree combined with five or more years of practical management or entrepreneurial experience.

No advance course preparation is necessary.

The lecture slides and exercise papers will be provided in a workbook at the time of the course to allow participants to take notes on the slides during class. Participants will be placed in teams of two at their choice, with the expectation that they will work together on addressing the methodical management of innovation in a company of their choice—real or imaginary.

The details of this event are subject to change. Please revisit this page periodically for updated information.


Early Bird Rate
(Expires October 9, 2015)

Discounted Conference Board Network Member Rate $650

Regular Rate $850

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5 for the price of 4

Questions? Contact:

Lindsay Eimers
Exec Assistant to Sr Vice-President & Chief Economist, Forecasting & Analysis