Where are pay plans headed in 2014? Compensation Planning Webinar

The Conference Board of Canada, November 18, 2013
Recorded Webinar
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In this 60-minute webinar, Ian Cullwick, Vice-President of the Conference Board's Leadership and Human Resources Research division, discusses the 2014 pay environment, projected compensation levels by region and industry, and how organizations are responding to continued economic uncertainty.

Webinar Highlights

This webinar will answer key questions facing organizations:

  • How can you keep your pay rates competitive, yet use compensation effectively to attract and retain key talent?
  • How can you reward people for their contributions, yet keep costs in line with your competitors?
  • How can you be sure you are not overpaying?
  • What’s happening with absenteeism rates, turnover rates, and regional rates of pay?

The webinar provides key information to assist in your compensation planning process. Find out where pay plans are headed and how your company’s compensation strategies stack up against the competition. Arm yourself with the latest information to benchmark your company. And get your questions on the table.

About Ian:

photo of Ian CullwickIan Cullwick specializes in governance effectiveness, human resources strategy, organization design, compensation strategy, and performance management. Ian spent 24 years with a major international consulting firm where he focused on the Crown Corporation, not-for-profit, construction, high technology, aviation, professional services and public sectors. Ian is a frequent speaker at industry and functional conferences on the topic of governance effectiveness, labour market trends and compensation management, and is the author of a number of research studies and articles on governance and organizational effectiveness.

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