Driving Company Success: Practices For Advanced Strategy-Based Governance

The Conference Board of Canada, October 24, 2017
Recorded Webinar
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Executing on a comprehensive and integrated organizational strategy is central to the board’s governance role. While directors don’t always lead the development of strategy or its implementation, this doesn’t relieve them of the responsibility and accountability to ensure there is a clear, comprehensive, and internally consistent strategy. The exercise of responsibility within the area of strategy offers the greatest opportunity to make a value-added difference. The board’s ability to oversee, support, and ultimately approve a successful strategy is crucial to the survival of any organization. But as many companies continue to fail, boards must ask themselves “what is a great strategy and how is it different from a good strategy?” And more importantly, “how do we recognize when a strategy is the wrong one?”

Join us as Mac Van Wielingen discusses the intersection between strategy, governance, and performance; and provides practical tools to help ensure that your board optimizes the opportunity to make a value-adding difference to the strategic direction and governance of the organization it serves.

Webinar Highlights

In this practical 60-minute webinar, Mac will provide:

  • Background on the idea of strategy-based governance within the context of a comprehensive governance framework
  • Strategy-based governance practices for directors to evaluate the effectiveness of their strategic plan
  • Examples of advanced board of director practices that will help your board improve in the areas of strategy, performance, and organizational development
  • Director engagement tips for an engaging and fruitful strategy development process

About Mac

Mac Van Wielingen, Founder and Director ARC Financial Corp.

Cedric YansouniMac Van Wielingen is a veteran energy executive, private equity investor, corporate director, and philanthropist. Van Wielingen is a founder and director of ARC Financial Corp., and a founder and former Chair of ARC Resources Ltd. He has also just recently ended his term as Chair of the Board of Alberta Investment Management Corporation. As a philanthropic leader, Van Wielingen is the founder and Chairman of Viewpoint Group, a private family-owned company, as well as Chairman of Viewpoint Investment Partners. Van Wielingen’s unconventional corporate idealism has been developed through extensive experience in building businesses and through his knowledge as a self-described “student of business.” He is actively engaged and passionately committed to supporting the advancement of leadership in business. He has received numerous awards and recognition, including induction into the Calgary Business Hall of Fame (2016) and the Institute of Corporate Directors Fellowship Award (2016). During Van Wielingen’s tenure at ARC Resources, the firm was ranked #1 in Brendan Wood International’s Shareholder Confidence Index in the Energy and Power Group (2015), and was also selected as the “TopGun Board of the Year” (2015–16).

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