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Canadian Month at a Glance

A snapshot of the Canadian economy for the last six months.

U.S. Month at a Glance

A snapshot of the U.S. economy for the last six months.

Fiscal Snapshots

“Fiscal snapshots” look at the current condition of provincial economies and their government’s fiscal challenges, and provides a short- and medium-term outlook for that province.

Index of Consumer Confidence

The monthly Index of Consumer Confidence is constructed from responses to four attitudinal questions posed to a random sample of Canadian households.

Index of Business Confidence

This quarterly survey poses ten qualitative questions regarding the business climate and investment intentions to senior officers of approximately 1,500 Canadian business organizations.

Survey of Forecasters

This quarterly survey reflects the opinions of Canada’s top forecasting organizations and their outlook for the Canadian economy.

Leading Indicator of Industry Profitability

The monthly Leading Indicator of Industry Profitability is constructed from high frequency data series. The indicators are designed to be predictive of movements in corporate profitability six months hence. An industry leading index is created for the economy as a whole, as well as for 49 individual sectors within the economy, thus providing coverage for most of the private business activity that takes place in Canada.

Composite Leading Index for Canada

The Conference Board of Canada’s Composite Leading Indicator (CLI) is an index that predicts the overall performance of the Canadian economy over the near term.

Metropolitan Housing Starts

The monthly Metropolitan Housing Starts publication provides the recent trends in housing starts for 28 metropolitan areas and expectations for starts over both the short and long term.

Metropolitan Resale Snapshot

The monthly Metropolitan Resale Snapshot provides an overview of the existing home market and expectations for existing home price growth over the short term for 28 areas.


Canada’s Trade in a Digital World

Digitization opens up new trade and investment possibilities, changes the nature of trade, and poses new challenges for Canadian businesses. This briefing aims to help leaders address these issues.