Ignite Positivity at Work! Mindful Practices That Transform Teams

The Conference Board of Canada, September 12, 2017
Recorded Webinar
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Is your team flourishing? The latest research on positive psychology and brain science shows us that by simply increasing positive emotion and adopting some evidence-based practices, we can create the environment for positive and resilient teams. Teams that flourish are more engaged, creative, innovative, and see more opportunities. Organizations with positive and resilient teams have higher employee and customer satisfaction, reduced turnover and lower levels of errors, stress and injury. Yet in most organizations, teamwork is not well developed. Join Deborah Connors (Deb) to find out how to kick-start these positive emotions in your team environment.

A captivating speaker, storyteller, author and workplace coach, Deb researches the latest breakthroughs in workplace and personal wellness around the globe. She has interviewed many of the leading thinkers from this field and examined the research on flourishing – both at work and at home.

In this session Deb will share some of the key insights from her recent book: A Better Place to Work: Daily Practices that Transform Culture, as it relates to building team positivity and resilience. This involves learning how to be mindful, how to move from vicious cycles to resilient cycles, how to practice gratitude, how to effectively debrief team projects and meetings, and other practices and habits that increase positivity and flourishing at work.

Webinar Highlights

Through this session you will:

  • Explore her BE POSITIVE framework of personal, team and organizational practices that ignite positivity so that people can flourish and contribute their best
  • Experience simple mindfulness practices that shift team work in a positive way
  • Find out how to create upward spirals in your team
  • Hear stories of positive change from experts around the world

What is the story of change you’re writing in your workplace? If you have a vision for positive change within the groups you lead, this session will inspire you to develop daily practices that make that possible.

About Deborah Connors

Deborah ConnorsDeborah teaches leaders how to radically shift culture so that people can flourish. She is a prominent figure in the story of how Canadian workplaces have adopted practices to become better places to work through founding and leading The Better Workplace Conference for 17 years. This powerful initiative created a whole generation of workplace health professionals and a huge community of practice.

She has now brilliantly distilled the knowledge of hundreds of thought-leaders that she brought together each year through this forum, combining it with her own leadership experience and success in community engagement and provides very sage, practical advice for transformative change. Deborah holds a BSc (Nutrition) and an MPE (Health Promotion). She is a certified CMHA Psychological Health & Safety Advisor, and has completed BOSS 2016 and 2017 (Business of Speaking School).

Type of Presentation

High-involvement facilitated online session where delegates will have the opportunity to respond to questions and activities through chat or voice.

What People Say:

“I felt very energized and excited about workplace wellness after this online course. It was nice to be part of something so energizing.”

“This session was fresh and very applicable. I recommend this to anyone looking to see things a different, better way. Deb’s personality, patience and knowledge shine as a teacher and guru for positive change.”

“I am a positive person who has spent 35 years in the health & wellness industry, and I have learned a lot in this online course. I can only imagine the powerful affect this information could bring to individuals without my background!”

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