Leveraging Talent Across Generations: Making the Most of the Multi-Generational Workplace

The Conference Board of Canada, December 15, 2016
Recorded Webinar
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A few years ago, demographic forecasts showed mass retirement of baby boomers, coupled with predictions of labour shortages and an arriving, unruly crowd of millennials with completely different workplace values. But the reality of the transition is significantly more complex and nuanced. The future that many expected is being altered by changing labour laws around retirement and age discrimination, the rise of the gig economy, new collaborative work models, and the looming disruption of knowledge work due to Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

There is also a persistent tendency to underestimate the demographic of employees with young families, and the way this can impact employee priorities and attraction/retention strategies for organizations. Solving the talent challenges of our time will require developing a high-functioning multigenerational workplace. A workplace with the flexibility to contain contradictions, support multiple value sets, and allow for mass-customization.

Webinar Highlights

This webinar will look at the critical components to create a multi-generational workforce. These components have been identified by the IN.spire Innovation hub at Natural Resources Canada. These components include barriers, behavioural psychology, and solutions developed by a diverse range of employees and outlines their influence on a multi-generational workforce.

Lauren Hunter, Head of IN.spire Innovation Hub at Natural Resources Canada will present research findings and narrative examples that contradict the notion that innovators in government are all millennial policy analysts. Lauren will explore the question of how much we know about the talent we have, regardless of age. Lauren will review the technology-based and innovative talent initiatives the teamhas undertaken, with a focus on pulling out insights related to optimized multigenerational workplaces. What IN.spire found might surprise you!

About Lauren

Photo of Lauren HunterLauren Hunter is the Head of IN.spire Innovation Hub at Natural Resources Canada. Lauren has over a decade of experience leading change and “first of its kind” initiatives in government and academic environments. She believes passionately that people have the right to meaningful, valued work that is nurtured by a sense of purpose and the opportunity to learn. With a doctoral degree in human rights and multiculturalism, she has worked on initiatives including graduate educational funding, Aboriginal consultation, eco-energy, and Public Sector transformation.

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