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Quality Network for Universities

Canadian universities face unprecedented pressures for change. And while universities are unique organizations, university leaders must address many of the same strategic and organizational challenges confronting their counterparts in health care, government and business.

The Quality Network for Universities (QNU) began in 1993 as a platform for university leaders grappling with new strategic challenges and eager to learn from emerging research, experience and best practice, from across sectors.

Its goal is to strengthen the capacity of member institutions to act—proactively, effectively, and with vision—in a period of far-reaching change in Canadian economy and society.

Annual membership fee: $8,500

Network Services

The Network therefore offers a menu of services designed to leverage research, knowledge and experience from a decade and more of restructuring, innovation and now growth, across sectors:

  • 2 meetings annually, offering exceptional opportunities to gain new insights and practical ideas.
  • 1 site visit annually to a University outside of Canada.
  • Occasional webinars connecting member institutions on topics of interest.
  • Information services, including quick-response member surveys, briefings on Conference Board research or presentation on related areas.
  • Complementary copies of selected Conference Board documents.


A “time-out” for high quality learning—“Excellent presenters of highly relevant topics. Best (meeting) that I have attended.”

Insights that make a difference—“I know that I think about things differently today as a result of those site visits.”

Candid exchange on successes, failures and lessons learned—“I don’t know another forum where I would find this level of candor about a failure, and the lessons to learn, in such a critical area to us all.”

Network Documents

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