25 Truths about M&A Integration: Insights from the Merger Integration Conference

The Conference Board, Inc., 10 pages, August 10, 2017
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The need for transformative M&A deals is urgent. Deal volume is growing, deal rationales are changing, and the cultural and geographic scope of mergers is expanding. Communication and deal prep are paramount.

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Every two weeks, a company drops off the S&P 500 Index. (Think of Kodak and BlackBerry producer RIM.) This makes the need for transformative M&A deals more urgent than ever—and the work of merger integration organizations more challenging. The volume of deals is growing every year, and completely new rationales for merging or acquiring a firm have emerged. Companies are now more likely to face cultural and talent problems in making deals because they occupy greatly different business segments, have dramatically different management styles, or are scattered in different global locations. Communication and deal prep are paramount.

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