The Employee Engagement Webinar: Leveraging the Science for Improved Performance

The Conference Board of Canada, September 27, 2016
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Emerging evidence of engagement's impact on key business indicators has elevated its priority along with a multi-million dollar industry. Despite growing interest and investment in employee engagement, however, corporate scores have plateaued and in many cases, are declining. For every organization that has achieved top employer status, there are many struggling to move the needle.

New research by The Conference Board of Canada is designed to help organizations better understand what engagement is, why it is important in our business context, and what strategies and practices can be put in place to nudge it higher. Findings will be showcased in The Employee Engagement Webinar: Leveraging the Science for Improved Performance, a special 60-minute webinar that reviews our Employee Engagement Model - a set of seven workplace factors that most influence employee engagement.

Webinar Highlights

Drawing on data from a survey of 400 Canadian employees, this webinar will help you evaluate your own measurement instruments. We will explore the research findings, break down the key factors that influence engagement and share workplace practices from top performing employers that have either sustained high engagement over time or systematically boosted and sustained high employee scores over a period of years.

About Ruth

Photo of Ruth WrightRuth Wright is a Director with the Leadership and Human Resources Research Division at The Conference Board. In this role she leads a team of executive network managers and researchers who work with senior level Canadian human resource professionals and other stakeholders on critical workforce and talent management issues. Ruth has over twenty-five years of experience in workforce research. She has authored numerous reports and briefings in the area of human resources management, measurement and analytics, talent management, engagement and diversity, HR management and benchmarking.

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