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Shared Services and Beyond: Emerging Strategies for Effectiveness and Agility


Oct TBD 2014 • Eaton Chelsea Toronto • Toronto, Ontario


Wednesday June 18 2014 • The Lord Nelson Hotel & Suites • Halifax, Nova Scotia

Conference Overview

What does the new shared services model deliver?

Shared Services as a business model has been around for many years. It was initially sought as an opportunity to drive efficiency across a collection of business units or related businesses through two means:

  1. fewer employees reduces costs
  2. economies of scale provide for specialization and standardization, resulting in efficiencies

As the approach to, and implementation of shared services has matured, opportunities to extend this model to other functions and drive additional business value has been recognized. Now, functions such as finance, human resources, information technology, and increasingly procurement, are routinely moved onto a shared services platform.

But this model has the potential to deliver much more than just efficiency gains and economies of scale. It has the capacity to drive enhanced quality, effectiveness, innovation, and agility, ultimately leading to competitive advantage and the provision of improved public services.

Why a Conference on Shared Services?

In an era of fiscal restraint and scrutiny on providing value for scarce capital, virtually every organization, including small and medium sized enterprises, need to explore the opportunity of shared services as a model to provide improved efficiency, effectiveness, and agility. Even more than driving technological efficiency, shared services provides access to the best human capital that otherwise could not easily be obtained, all the while allowing for focus on core business and innovation activity to drive new business. The shared services model each organization chooses to create will no doubt differ significantly and must be carefully designed to align to corporate strategy.

These events will bring together leaders who are on the shared services path, identifying both opportunities and pitfalls. Attendees will hear about some of the emerging approaches being taken by leading organizations both to adopt and to manage this type of model. The event will also provide insight into how shared services structures provide the opportunity for innovation and agility that can lead to competitive advantage, if managed effectively.

The evolution of shared services, emerging strategies, and Global Business Services.

Recognizing these opportunities, leading organizations piece together different shared services strategies that align to their corporate strategy, often blending internal shared services functions with outsourcing, off-shoring, and cloud based services. As these organizations have learned and matured, many are now moving toward Global Business Services, where HR, IT, finance, procurement, and other operational functions are bundled together as one major shared services organization, often spanning multiple countries. This brings a truly horizontal business management layer to the organization.

However, there are many critics to the effectiveness of shared services models, based on a history of missed opportunities and ineffective implementation. It often ends up costing more as it disrupts normal service flows, lengthens the time to complete tasks, and results in the duplication of effort. And with advancements in technology and development of global supply chain partnerships, organizations are increasingly outsourcing aspects of their shared services infrastructure.

Leaders embarking on a mature shared services business model must have a strong understanding of the potential pitfalls and management challenges, and how to effectively lead their organizations in this new business state.

Hear from leading thinkers and practitioners on how to reap the benefits of emerging shared services strategies while effectively managing challenges that arise.

These events will feature experts with practical advice on how to effectively lead an organization toward a mature shared services model that delivers value for scarce capital. Speakers will provide insight into the latest trends, including developments in organizational design, governance, and new staff roles that are moving away from basic service-oriented roles toward advocacy and leadership roles.

Given the complexity and number of service delivery options available, attendees will explore how to effectively manage operations that blend traditional internal shared services with forms of outsourcing, off-shoring, and cloud services. And given the emerging changes in the field, experts will also provide a glimpse into the new global business services model. Topics to be discussed include:

  • How successful have shared services business models been over the past two decades?
  • How do we avoid the trap of shared services models that fail to provide value to the organization?
  • What are the emerging trends with shared services business models?
  • What is the global business service model and how does it compare to shared services?
  • How do you effectively manage these new business operations models, dealing with the challenges and pitfalls that have caused many organizations to fail in their efforts?
  • What emerging practices are public and private organizations doing to reap the benefits of shared services?

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