Skills Mismatches and the Economic Impact in Ontario Webinar

The Conference Board of Canada, September 4, 2013
Recorded Webinar
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The Conference Board of Canada is pleased to present Skills Mismatches and the Economic Impact in Ontario. This special webinar presents findings from a report that outlines the challenge of skills gaps and mismatches in Ontario and  provides motivation and strategies to act immediately to secure Ontario's future prosperity. The Need to Make Skills Work: The Cost of Ontario's Skills Gap was released in June 2013. The report received much media attention and has been read by over 1,000 executives from across the country.

Webinar Highlights

We bring the report data to life with a webinar featuring report author Daniel Munro. During this 60-minute session, Dr. Munro delves into the research findings and talks about the cost of a province-wide skills gap. Ontario is losing out on as much as $24.3 billion in economic activity and $3.7 billion in provincial tax revenues annually because employers can't find people with the skills they need to innovate and grow in today's economy. Dr. Munro also provides an overview of skills mismatches and challenges in other regions of Canada and indicate how understanding the situation in Ontario provides insights and strategies to address skills mismatches across the country.  

Topics covered during Skills Mismatches and the Economic Impact in Ontario Webinar include:

  • the general nature of skills gaps and mismatches in Canada
  • the specific shape of the skills gap in Ontario
  • the impact of skills gaps in Ontario
  • the occupations, skills, and credentials employers need
  • strategies to meet skills needs
  • how to fill gaps: recommendations for skills stakeholders

About Daniel

photo of Glen HodgsonDaniel Munro is a Principal Research Associate in Organizational Effectiveness and Learning at The Conference Board of Canada, and Lecturer in Ethics in the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Ottawa.

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